Nigerian youth can learn from Japanese culture

JThe Vice Chancellor of the University of Abuja, Prof. Abdul-Rasheed Na’Allah has urged young Nigerians to learn some values ​​from Japanese culture.

According to him, despite the enormity of its development, the Japanese still guard their culture by ensuring that children speak their language.

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“Look at Japanese culture. Here we found parents who have stopped teaching their children their mother tongue. What do you want them to become? Immerse yourself in them in your culture. You are throwing away your culture for western culture. Japan did not do this. China did not do this. China is a great nation in the world, these examples we want to bring to Nigeria,” he said.

Professor Na’Allah, who spoke at the first Japan International Cooperation Agency chair held at the school, said that the Japanese Language and Culture Institute (JLCI) of the school will be instrumental in ensuring that young people begin to translate lessons learned from Japanese culture into practice.

The Chief Representative of JICA Nigeria Office, Mr. Yuzurio Susumu, stressed the need to bridge the gap between Japan and Nigeria, adding that the nearly 2,000 Nigerians already learning Japanese are helping in this regard.

The Japanese Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Matsunaga Kazuyoshi, in his remarks said that the Meiji Restoration signified the birth of the transition from non-Western culture to modernity in Japan. He said the transition was not only in clothing but also in the social system and mentalities of the Japanese people.

The JICA Chair supports the establishment of universities of Japanese studies in developing countries. It aims to share Japan’s development experience and the inaugural event was hosted by the University of Abuja.

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