NFT: Applebee’s Adds NFT to Menu and Sells Non-fungible Token Collectibles as Part of Its “Meta Mondays” Campaign


Applebee’s is launching its NFT “Meta Mondays” promotion as part of its marketing strategy. The chain of steakhouses and bars will offer customers digital artwork and real-world burgers.

Applebee’s will also sell non-fungible tokens or NFTs and in fact, some have already been added to the restaurant menu. According to Online catering, the casual dining company based in Glendale, Calif., has sold its first item as part of its latest NFT series.

The digital asset would be an extraordinary digital image and a certified collector’s item, and these can be easily bought and sold online. The said image has been described as an abstract representation of a hamburger and it was created using multiple colors by New York-based artist Amber Vittoria.

Earlier this week, Applebees sold this NFT collectible for just $ 25 and it would be the restaurant’s first sale after launching its “Meta Mondays” marketing campaign. But that’s not all, the lucky buyer only spent less than $ 30 on the purchase but received more from Applebee’s.

In addition to getting the illustration of the NFT hamburger, the shopper also received a gift card from the restaurant chain and it is charged with $ 1,300 in credits. It is said that this amount is enough for the individual to buy the equivalent of a year of burgers at the store.

Either way, as part of its campaign, Applebee’s will be offering a new NFT collectible every Monday throughout the month of December. Fans and diners alike may have the chance to purchase the colorful NFT arts created by Vittoria.

The minimum bid is $ 25 and all winning buyers will also receive the company’s gift card. Interested persons can place their offers here:

“We think we’ve created a really compelling idea that combines the real world of Applebee and the world of virtual artwork that combine to create a really fun engagement for our guests and fans. ” Adage Applebee marketing director Joel Yashinsky quoted in an interview. “The combination of a real meal and the virtual engagement of a work of art is what sets him apart from what others do in this space. “

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