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Here we are – the start of a brand new school year. My return to The Dirty Eug was to move into a new house. And while it came with his own gusto and enthusiasm, it also came with the daunting thought of having to choose what clothes to bring. As I rummaged through my drawers, I realized I had to get to the bottom of it and figure out what should come with me to school and, more importantly, what should I get rid of completely.

My deep dissection of the closet resulted in the formation of a new process for going through your clothes, a process that made it easier to make simple decisions about whether something should stay or go. Dealing with the chaos of an overflowing closet can be overwhelming at times, so I realized it was vital to attack the situation with the right mindset. As you begin to shape your wardrobe for your new spot, here are some criteria to keep in mind for reasons to keep a certain piece.

It’s a daily essential

The key to a solid wardrobe is to keep a stock of pure basics – your go-tos. Whether it’s your plain white t-shirts, your best jeans, a simple black hoodie or Air Force 1s, be sure to stock up on your personal essentials.

This is one of your favorites, a must-have piece

It almost goes without saying, but if you have a piece you know you couldn’t live without, or it’s something you wear all the time, these are your absolute contenders. These are the easy decisions you can make first.

It serves a specific purpose

Some clothes take up space in our wardrobe for the unavoidable situations for which we will need them, even when these circumstances do not arise every day. Your best rain jacket, a nice blazer for interviews, Oregon jerseys for sports games and other situational pieces might not be taken off the hanger too often, but if they play a part specific for its useful or utilitarian purpose, it is important to keep them handy. for the time being.

It brings sentimental value

This category is for pieces that bring you a nostalgic feeling, like your dad’s old sweatshirt he gave you, or a peak week shirt you got from your sorority or fraternity. A sentimental item may be the only exception to keeping something that might not fit or that you wouldn’t necessarily wear every day. However, if you want to keep a sentimental piece, I would recommend keeping it somewhere separate from your main clothes if you don’t plan to wear it regularly.

To sum it all up in one premise, it all comes down to whether it brings you joy. Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizational consultant and author recognized worldwide for her expertise in this space, argues that if you decide to keep something, it should “spark joy.” First and foremost, this should be your primary standard for keeping something in your collection.

While it’s important to re-emphasize why you should keep something, it’s arguably more important to identify why you should finally get rid of a specific piece. I’ve tended to come up with excuses as to why I should keep certain items, but when you start to notice an overflow in your closet, you have to be picky in your decision making. Here is my list of personal criteria for reasons to finally throw something in the “no” pile.

It’s something you never choose

If its only purpose is to collect dust in your closet, it probably needs a new home. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with that – you just never choose it alongside your other options. Leigh Anne Tuohy in the 2009 film “The Blind Side” said that “if you don’t absolutely love it in the store, you won’t wear it. The store is where you love it best. The Same principle applies in your closet – if it’s hanging on your clothes rack and you’re on the fence about it even there, you’ll never pick it.

It’s not going well

Nothing is worse than putting on a shirt or pants and finding out you have them too big or too big. If it doesn’t fit you anymore and you feel uncomfortable, chances are you’ll never decide to wear it again, even if you like it. Inappropriate clothing should automatically be thrown into the “no” pile. An exception to this rule is if you know you experience known weight fluctuations, which would allow you to stick to specific pieces if you think they might fit later.

It’s not just old, it’s falling apart

The vintage clothing market continues to grow in mainstream fashion, and if you jumped on this fashion wave, many pieces in your collection could be older. Vintage generally describes clothing from an earlier era that adheres to stylistic elements relevant to the trends of the time, according to Vou. So, even if they were stylish and fashionable in the past, don’t confuse your old, worn-out clothes with “vintage” if they’ve become shabby and on the verge of being unwearable. I don’t see a lot of glamor in something that’s on the verge of falling apart, so if it’s reached that point, it’s time to throw it away.

It doesn’t match your current style

Maybe a piece you were debating was your style three years ago, but more than likely your taste has changed or evolved in some way. This idea came back to me often when going through my closet, and it’s ultimately the underlying reason why I was on the fence about so many pieces. If you’re discussing a topic, ask yourself if that’s still your style or if it was. Dropping pieces you liked before will free up more space for the styles you currently feel.

You don’t feel good wearing it anymore

This principle is perhaps the most important. It’s not a good sign if you look in the mirror with a certain piece and don’t see your most confident self. If it doesn’t express you the way you want it to and shines you in the best possible light, it doesn’t deserve to take up space.

The main reason to say goodbye to an item of clothing is if it simply no longer serves you. It may have been before, but people change with their tastes. As you finalize your no’s stack, have Ariana Grande’s mindset: thank you, next.

No matter what you decide to keep or discard, there are many benefits to going through your closet hodgepodge. Thorough decluttering frees up more space for the things you really want or need. It’s so much better to have a smaller, more concise collection of your best outfit picks than a dense, overloaded pile with many unworn or overlooked pieces.

Reviewing your wardrobe also gives you a mental inventory of what you currently own. Maybe you’ll find something you like that you haven’t seen or thought about in a long time, or maybe you’ll find something you should have gotten rid of years ago. . Finding your disposables also allows you to give them to others. Your excess could be another person’s treasure – the thing that brings another person joy, like giving your friend a sweatshirt that he always borrows from you.

A messy closet can be stressful. From my perspective, a messy closet can be a messy mind. Organizing and decluttering can be the impetus for you to organize and clean up other parts of your life, like your computer desk or other parts of your physical space. A clean closet can be the refreshing energy you need to create free space. The organization is a mind at ease. As the start of a new school year approaches, a restored wardrobe could be a great place to start.

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