New to Netflix UK: February 2022

Julia Garner in Inventing Anna, Netflix (Picture: Netflix)

Invent Anna
Netflix UK release date: February 11

Although she’s been around for a while, it’s only been in recent years that Emmy-winning Julia Garner has been rightfully recognized for her performances. She’s not just the stormiest presence in ozarkplaying the smart but tempestuous Ruth Langmore, but she also directed one of the first deliberate #MeToo films The wizard.

Progressing even further, she now directs Shondaland’s new true-crime drama about infamous fraudster Anna Sorokin. Under the guise of a German heiress, Sorokin tricked many members of the New York social scene into becoming their friends and then taking their money – scamming around $275,000. Journalist Viviane (Veep‘s Anna Chlumsky) is investigating her case.

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big bug
Netflix UK release date: February 11

Jean-Pierre Jeunet, surrealist fantasy director of Ameliereturns with a weird look in 2045. Looking like a more adult version of The Mitchells vs. the Machines, big bug takes place in a dystopian future where technology pervades every facet of people’s lives – satisfying every need, every want. But inevitably, the artificial intelligence inside these robots develops to such an extent that – wait for it – they want to take over the world.

big bug focuses on one family in particular, as their domestic robots hold them hostage. Humans are forced to be with each other in a close and hysterical environment, causing hostilities between them. The robots watch in bewilderment.

Meet the parents
Netflix UK release date: February 1

It’s a scary prospect in many relationships: meeting the parents. Especially if Robert De Niro is one of them. De Niro’s career has taken him through Martin Scorsese’s darkest films, playing tortured souls and brutal gangsters. But inMeet the parentshe plays the vicious future stepfather of the furiously unlucky Gaylord ‘Greg’ Focker (Ben Stiller).

Greg’s plans to propose to his girlfriend Pam (Teri Polo) are dashed when they decide to visit her parents on Long Island. He then falls into a flurry of terrible and torturous missteps, lying between his teeth to look impressive. This includes, during a classic scene, a fabricated anecdote about milking cats.

Netflix UK release date: February 3

Improv comedy comes in many different forms, mostly in board games like Would I lie to you? and Just a minute. He is also popular on YouTube with Rooster Teeth’s On the spot and Smosh’stry not to laugh challenges. But on television, improvisation rarely has a whole narrative thread. Inspired by the BBC Three series Murder in Successvillethe american remake Murderville grabs a crime drama concept and rolls unpredictably with it.

Will Arnett plays Senior Detective Terry Seattle of the Homicide Division. He faces a murder case every day, surrounded by a new celebrity to help him out each time. But the celebrities – consisting of Sharon Stone, Kumail Nanjiani and Conan O’Brian – aren’t getting the script, so they have no idea what’s to come.

The Tinder scammer
Netflix UK release date: February 2

WithThe puppeteer and Invent Anna, Netflix is ​​really going after the infamous scammers and women around the world. Especially those who use social media to deceive others, assuming different identities to steal money from them.

In the case of The Tinder scammer, the popular online dating app was the platform of choice for fake billionaire Simon Leviev (real name: Shimon Hayut). He lured women to fancy places before taking their money and running away. A little like The puppeteer, he told them that his life was in danger if they did not pay these sums. The film tells the stories of the women he defrauded and their fight to bring him to justice.

The full Netflix slate in February:

February 1
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
Christmas on the sly
Guest House
It’s always sunny in Philadelphia season 15
Meet the parents
My best friend Anne Franck
Raising Dion season 2

February 2
dark desire
MeatEater season 10 part 2
The Tinder scammer

February 3
Looking for Ola
The Tinder scammer

February 4
Looopa ​​Lapeta
sweet magnolias
Through my window

February 5
Brokeback Mountain
Hachi: the story of a dog

February 6
The hunt
The photograph

February 8
Love is blind: Japan
Mrs. Pat: Want to hear something crazy?

February 9
Disenchantment part 4
The privilege

February 10
In the wind

February 11th
Anne+: the movie
big bug
Invent Anna
love and leashes
love is blind season 2
love tactics
big girl 2

February 13
The Killing Squad

February 16
Secrets of summer
jeen-yuhs: a Kanye trilogy

February 17
forgive us our trespasses
falling for something
Mo Gilligan: There is Mo in life
Young Wallander season 2

February 18
The Cuphead Show!
one of us is lying
space force season 2
Chainsaw Massacre

February 22
Breed: Bubba Wallace

February 25
Juvenile Justice
A Homecoming Madea
Vikings: Walhalla

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