New menu on board Uganda Airlines: grasshoppers?

Embarrassed by the reactions that went viral on social media and mocked Ugandans, the veiled statement that while berating the lost passenger, the airline also suggested adding the local delicacy Nsenene (long horn grasshoppers) on their menu for regional and international flights.

“We learned from the incident. Some of our customers like Nsenene, ”said a statement from the airline. “We are considering adding Nsenene, a local Ugandan specialty, to our menu for regional and international flights upon request. This addition of Nsenene will bring Ugandan culture to the world. This move will boost tourism marketing and the livelihoods of people in the grasshopper value chain in the future. “

Uganda Airlines, however, cautioned against repeating such behavior on board, warning that exposing passengers to such unruly market experience on board will result in the passenger being unloaded without further consideration.

Uganda Airlines public relations manager Shakira Rahim said in a TV interview on NTV that the airline will question the said passenger on his return to send a signal to passengers who behave unpleasantly on board. She defended the crew who she said had tried to prevent the gentleman from leaving room for passengers. “You can never do that on an international flight, because there are passengers on board who will continue their journey elsewhere. Foods that have not been subjected to our standard and quality controls are not allowed on board; that’s the problem, and that’s the norm, ”said Rahim.

Commenting on the same, Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority public affairs director Vianney Lugya said: “Grasshoppers are not on the list of prohibited items. It is therefore not a matter of safety that locusts end up in an airplane. The only question to consider is how the passenger behaved in an airplane. The only circumstance that is considered is if the country to which the plane is heading prohibits this article. “

An enraged Minister of Works and Transport, General Katumba Wamala, to whom the airline reports, did not mince words to crack the whip by ordering disciplinary measures against the staff who were on duty at the time of the incident. the incident. Wamala tweeted: “Regarding the video going around social media of someone selling Nsenene aboard @UG_Airlines, I spoke to airline management to take action against the staff who were in charge. when this happened. General Wamala has chaired the airline since his appointment in 2019, and the last thing he would tolerate would be an airline default.

eTN has since learned that Paul Mubiru, the trader in question, despite his public apology, was arrested when immigration officers from the arrivals section of Entebbe International Airport took action on his return from Dubai today, November 19, 2021 at 11 a.m. : 49 am. He was detained at the airport police station and is awaiting charge. The Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA), of which he is a member, also weighed in on the issue by promising to sanction Mubiru who is also a purchasing agent on behalf of several traders in the city.

For some, Mubiru may be considered a hero judging by the passengers – mostly Ugandan traders who use the Dubai route for trade – including a few Chinese passengers who were involved in purchasing the delicacy. For others, he is a villain worthy of contempt for embarrassing the nation. For them, such manners are a chair of passengers on the ground in public buses where preaching and exchanging items

soft drinks, potency, hypertension and diabetes remedies all in one, are usually dispensed by traditional or self-proclaimed doctors without any inhibitions.

Mubiru might just be justified by the story if the airline keeps its promise to add these delicious creatures to its inflight promotions.

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