New consortium will push for approval of new food ingredients for allulose in EU and UK

Cosun Beet Company, Ingredion Inc., Matsutani Chemical Industry and Samyang Corp. have formed a new consortium designed to help bring allulose to the EU and UK, and support its nutritional labeling as a carbohydrate. The new consortium is called Allulose Novel Food Consortium (ANFC).

Currently, allulose is approved as a food ingredient in many countries around the world, including Japan, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States, as well as under regulatory review. In other countries. The ingredient is also FEMA (Flavor Extract Manufacturers Association) GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for use as a flavoring in beverages and dairy products.

The ANFC believes that a single, joint and exclusive European Union (EU and UK) application for a novel food would speed up the approval process, saving members time and expense. money. Members also predict that approval of allulose as a new food ingredient would benefit European and global food industries, as it has potential beyond being a low-calorie sweetener. The EU’s approval could also prove influential for other international food regulators.

“The formation of the Allulose Novel Food Consortium is an exciting step forward towards accelerating the more widespread use of allulose in Europe,” said Shigehiro Hayashi of Matsutani Chemical, in a press release. “With our membership, our combined knowledge and expertise in the science of healthy eating and beverage ingredients, we aim to enable allulose to reach its true potential and recognize that this could help reduce calorie intake. – a major public health initiative. “

Those interested in joining ANFC can contact Hayashi at [email protected]

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