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Hundreds of community members gathered to immerse themselves in foreign culture and food at the International Food Fair held at MSUB this week.

For many international students, it was an opportunity to share their culture with their student peers and the local community.

“My family made a lot of the food we cooked today, but some of it was completely new, like the kher was so good, and it was my first time learning how to cook it,” said said Kavi Fix, a junior, describing a popular Indian dessert.

Countries and regions represented included Turkmenistan, India, Japan, South Korea, Southern Africa, China, Germany, Russia, Croatia, Nepal and the Nordic region.

Many students wore traditional clothing and spoke other languages ​​at the event, which is 17 years old in Billings but due to COVID has not been held in person since 2019.

“We come here quite regularly and bring a few grandchildren there to expose them to international cuisine and culture,” said Edward Barta. “And of course, I love all the food, and I love seeing the diversity we have here in Billings. A lot of it is campus-centric here, and it’s just nice to see that.

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The event raised funds for the campus multicultural club.

Aaris Hill, a sophomore, participated with a group of nursing students. Her roommate is an international student and she has befriended several of her roommate’s friends.

“I definitely ask a lot of questions, wanting to know his opinion on things, especially right now,” she said.

Eugeniia Burdakova, a junior from Russia, served a soup with cabbage, meat and potatoes. “Some older people knew about the soup and one guy came to see us three times, so I guess he liked it,” she said.

“We received a lot of friendly support and appreciation,” she added. She plans to return home to Russia in May through a Middle Eastern country with lighter travel restrictions.

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