More SHIOK with a new twist! 7-Eleven refines recipes for 9 fan-favorite 7-SELECT ready-to-eat meals

7-Eleven is upping its game and has refined the recipes for its current RTE line, including its all-time best-selling Butter Chicken Biryani, Mac & Cheese and Chicken Bolognese! Additionally, four new items inspired by popular classics from its menu have also just launched in-store. Your favorite meals on the go are even better!

SINGAPORE – Media outreach – September 5, 2022 – Whenever you wanted to cure a nighttime craving, a quick meal on the go at the office, or just a bite to eat with your classmates after a busy day of classes, 7-Eleven is always there for you! Our customers come first, and our goal is to offer an affordable, tasty and convenient ready-to-eat range to fit your lifestyle. That’s why we’ve improved nine of our most popular items by refining their recipes to give you an even better experience! We’ve selected more premium ingredients and revisited recipes to enhance the flavors, textures, and overall presentation of each dish to take it to the next level. We’ve also increased the portion sizes of select dishes, because we know that you and your taste buds aren’t just looking for great food, but also great value. And there’s more ! We’ve added even more to the menu and put a new spin on some of your favorite dishes to give you even more choice and excitement!

More SHIOK! Presentation of refined recipes of classic dishes 7-SELECT RTE

7-SELECT Butter Chicken Biryani (up to $4.20) – This all-time favorite at 7-Eleven has been made even better to delight you and your taste buds. Succulent raisins and shallots have been added for added texture and flavor. The look and flavors of the dish have been totally improved to make it tastier than ever!!

7-SELECT Mac and Cheese (up to $4.50) – Our popular classic comfort food is now creamier and meatier than ever! Sprinkles of mozzarella and red cheddar cheese with meatier chunks of ham and grilled herb crumbs make this beloved dish even more unmissable!

7-SELECT Carbonara Penne with Chicken and Ham (Up to $4.50) – This Italian inspired dish now has an egg and cheese sauce that is smoother, creamier and tastier! Adding turkey chunks and parmesan shavings gives this dish a meatier, smokier, and cheesier flavor!

7-SELECT Thai Basil Chicken with Fragrant Rice (Up to $4.80) – This popular Thai street food classic now looks and tastes better than ever! Fluffy white rice, topped with a fried egg with lightly spiced basil minced chicken brings you more comfort in a larger portion!

7-SELECT Kimchi Fried Rice (Up to $4.80) – We upped the flavor factor of our kimchi fried rice with succulent chicken bulgogi and fluffy scrambled eggs. Your quick lunch on the go or your late-night dinner just kicked into high gear!

7-SELECT Chicken Curry with Fragrant Rice (Up to $4.20) – This local favorite also features a new and improved recipe with a stronger, more mouth-watering curry flavor paired with fragrant white rice.

7-SELECT Black Pepper Chicken Chop with Aglio Olio (Up to $4.50) – This dish features a chicken chop coated in a mixture of black pepper and herbs accompanied by garlicky aglio olio pasta and a colorful combination of carrots, corn and broccoli!

7-SELECT Chicken Bolognese with Cheese (up to $4.50) – An all-time favorite Italian dish now presented with a generous portion of chicken bolognese cooked to perfection in a tangy tomato sauce topped with shaved parmesan and a sprinkle of parsley, to take you on a trip to Italy.

7-SELECT Japanese Curry Chicken with Pearl Rice (up to $5.00) – Do you miss Japan? Well, you and your taste buds can take it a step further with this new and improved recipe. Our thick, rich and bold curry sauce pairs perfectly with pearl rice and chicken katsu topped with a cabbage and nori topping.

Enjoy a new version of 4 fan favorites!

You can never have too much of a good thing, so we’ve created a series of four product expansions of some of our most popular items to provide even more variety for our customers.

7-SELECT Butter Chicken with Prata (up to $4.50) – Now you have the additional possibility of enjoying our favorite ready-to-eat dish with a crispy and soft prata. Simply dip the prata in the buttery savory sauce for a quick meal on the go or a tasty snack. It’s a perfect match!

7-SELECT Flambé Mac & Cheese (up to $4.50) Try this spin-off of our popular mac and cheese – a tangy and spicy adult version, awakening your senses with a creamy, savory and tangy sensation in every bite. So enjoyable you can’t stop!

7-SELECT Baked Pesto Fish with Aglio Olio (up to $4.50) Our Black Pepper Chicken Chop with Aglio Olio is a must for many of our customers. Now you can enjoy its classic garlicky flavors with this fantastic fish option! Combined with a cream sauce, baked pesto crumbs on the fish fillet add extra flavor and crunch.

7-SELECT Chicken Tom Yum with Egg Fried Rice (up to $4.90) – Bringing you our new flavor of Chicken Tom Yum marinated in Thai spices with a hint of chilli slow cooked in a coconut cream sauce and served with our golden egg fried rice – a aroi mak mak choice at any time of the day!

Check out this new and improved range in the cooler at 7-Eleven stores in Singapore.

A summary table of the new products and their prices can be found below:

Product RER
7-SELECT Butter Chicken Biryani $4.20
7-SELECT Mac & Cheese $4.50
7-SELECT Carbonara Penne with Chicken and Ham $4.50
7-SELECT Thai Basil Chicken with Fragrant Rice $4.80
7-SELECT Kimchi Fried Rice $4.80
7-SELECT Chicken Curry with Fragrant Rice $4.20
7-SELECT Black Pepper Chicken Chops with Aglio Olio $4.50
7-SELECT Chicken Bolognese with Cheese $4.50
7-SELECT Chicken Japanese Curry with Pearl Rice $5.00
7-SELECT Butter Chicken with Prata $4.50
7-SELECT Flambé Mac & Cheese $4.50
7-SELECT Baked Pesto Fish with Aglio Olio $4.50
7-SELECT Chicken Tom Yum with Egg Fried Rice $4.90

All are halal certified.

More promotions and updates can also always be found on the official website 7-Eleven Singapore Facebook and 7-Eleven Singapore Instagram pages.

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