McDonald’s Translated Chinese Menu Produces Hilarious Results

Kelvin Stuttard from Pixabay

It is common knowledge that you cannot always rely on Google Translate due to translation errors, especially if the language structure is different. However, the results that Google produces are often very entertaining, especially for this Twitter user who translated the Chinese McDonald’s menu in English.

Twitter user @HarryBadTweets shared a series of translation errors from his Google Translate experience. In the message, there were four menu items translated into English. The text was accompanied by images of the food items, and while some items were almost accurate, others were downright bizarre.

This led netizens to experiment with other fast food menus from other restaurants to see if they could achieve similar results. A Twitter user attempted this in a local bakery in the Czech Republic, which has resulted in more bizarre translations than those in China. Meanwhile, another Twitter user tried this using the Burger King Chinese menu and showed more outrageous results compared to McDonald’s.

The funny thing is, despite the mistranslations, this pretty much describes what the meals are. The ruthless Overlord Niubao really does look like an overloaded burger. However, I wouldn’t call a chicken nugget, fries and orange juice meal “fragrant”.

To see how far these translation errors would go, I entered several McDonald’s menus from different countries to see if the result would be the same. Unfortunately, most menus are translated into English. The closest overseas menu to have similar results was McDonald’s Japanese menu, as they have some items written in Hiragana and Kanji. This means that these elements would be more susceptible to translation errors.

However, one user went to a local Japanese store, found a Japanese product, and used Google to translate it back to English. It seems that Japan cannot escape its mistranslations either.

It is important to note that other countries have their own language conventions, hence why some languages ​​translated using Google would result in translation errors. This means that large fast food franchises with international branches must ensure that their menu items correspond to both English and other languages. This would allow local and international customers to easily identify the item.

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