McDonald’s Russian menu just took a hit

Russian users of the social media site Telegram have shared images of moldy hamburger buns and expired sauce packets. By Initiateda Russian television personality social media with complaints, saying: “It seems that ‘Vkusno’ does not exactly meet the commitments made by McDonald’s. At least in terms of [the] product quality. … Guys, do you understand there, there is no need to poison people.”

The chain says it has since found and removed the expired sauce packets, while the bun supplier said it is trying to resolve the issue, which may involve distribution. Russia’s Ministry of Agriculture may think the potato problem could be just as easy to solve as it claims via Telegram (as Translated by Google), “The Russian market is fully supplied with potatoes, including processed potatoes. Moreover, the products of the new crop are already arriving, which eliminates the possibility of a shortage. According to the Union of potato, it is currently not necessary to import fries.”

Still, that doesn’t seem like enough for Vkusno & tochka, who said fries aren’t on the menu, at least until the fall.

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