McDonald’s menu: Would you like fries with that? (You may be out of luck)

Imagine your appetite is set for your favorite treat from McDonald’s, but the clerk at the counter says they don’t have what you want. You will have to settle for something else.

That’s what’s happening at McDonald’s around the world as the restaurant chain runs out of a favorite item, forcing them to remove it from the menu.

In countries like Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Malaysia, people who want a big order of fries, sometimes a medium order, can’t get them.

McDonald’s restaurants in these countries are facing a shortage of french fries, forcing them to eliminate large and, in some cases, medium fries from their menus until the shortage subsides, according to the company. .

McDonald’s Indonesia announced last Sunday on Twitter that due to limited fries availability, large orders will be temporarily unavailable from February 2, but diners can still order medium fries.

McDonald’s Malaysia stopped offering Big McValue Meals and Big Fries on January 24, according to its website.

McDonald’s has a fries supply problem

“We are facing a crisis in the supply of French fries. But don’t worry. Although you can’t take big at the moment, you can still enjoy your favorite meals and your medium fries. Fries of time…it’s ‘I’ll be back before you know it,'” the company said.

In Japan, sales of french fries were limited to small sizes since December 24according to McDonald’s Holdings Company Japan.

The impact of massive flooding near the Port of Vancouver in Canada, which is a transit point for potatoes imported from North America, and the disruptive effects of the covid-19 pandemic on the supply chain are credited with causing the French fries shortage, McDonald’s Holdings Company Japan said in its January monthly IR News.

McDonald’s has a worldwide fries problem

McDonald’s restaurants in Asia and the Pacific could be hit by potato shortages for months to come due to a combination of a backup of shipping containers from the effects of the pandemic and record rains in mid-November that caused flooding and landslides near the Port of Vancouver, disrupting the supply chain. Weather conditions created obstacles to roads, bridges and railroads, which cut off North America’s third-largest shopping center from the rest of the continent, Fortune reported.

In another potato-related menu disruption, McDonald’s Taiwan on Jan. 24 returned breakfast to its full-quantity menu after removing the menu item last year due to a shortage.

The French fries shortage appears to be an offshore issue, as McDonald’s has not reported any french fries problems at any of its US restaurants. The company didn’t even mention any issues related to supply chain disruptions during its Q4 2021 earnings call on Jan. 27.

“The last 12 months continue to demonstrate what makes McDonald’s different, the strength of our people, the power of our scale and supply chain, the agility of our system, the importance of local ownership operating in communities we serve and the power of the McDonald’s brand,” Kempczinski said in the earnings call transcript from Search Alpha.

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