McDonald’s Japan adds Hitokuchi Churros to its menu (optional sharing)

We mean, you could share them, but who would blame you if you don’t?

Although primarily a burger chain, in Japan some of the McDonald’s The biggest fan favorite things on the menu are their sides and sweets. So when the channel tweeted out this announcement for a new dessert, with the item’s name represented by a series of four-pronged circles, people’s antennae were lifted and their stomachs rumbled.

Still, no one knew for sure what was going on and why he was being teased with shapes that looked like gears. The photo became a little clearer with a close-up follow-up the next day…

…and after one more day of keeping fans in suspense, McDonald’s Japan has now announced that it is adding churros on its menu.

▼ “Churros” is written in Japanese katakana as チューロス, which is why McDonald’s used four shapes of churro silhouettes in their initial tweet.

These aren’t just any churros, though; they are Churros Hitokuchi (“Bitessize”) which come four to an order. They are also filled with melted chocolate, and McDonald’s recommends eating them hot for maximum deliciousness. The channel is silent, however, on recommendations as to whether or not you should feel obligated when your friends inevitably try to steal one of the churros from you, saying only that compact sweet snacks are ideal for both. to share and monopolize, depending on your levels of hunger versus magnanimity at that particular moment.

“Oh wow, you have four!” says the man in the ad, the woman immediately (and correctly) suspecting “He hopes I say ‘Do you want one?’, doesn’t he?”

Although churros are not a staple snack in Japan like they are in other parts of the world, they are strongly associated with the country’s theme parks, especially Tokyo Disneyland. However, the ease of getting them at their local McDonald’s makes Japanese Twitter users smile:

“They look so cute and tasty!”
“Chocolate centered churros?!? Please don’t make me gain more weight (I will definitely eat this).
“On behalf of all churro lovers, I want to say how happy we are,”
“I think I’m going to eat it every day.”

Hitokuchi Churros are priced at 240 yen (2.10 USD) and will be on sale for a limited time starting February 16, so we still have a few days to build a list of excuses when we’re not in the mood. . to share…but again, sharing would help us have more space to enjoy the long-awaited return of McDonald’s full-size fries.

Source: McDonald’s Japan, Twitter
Top picture: YouTube/マクドナルド公式(McDonald’s)

Insert image: McDonald’s Japan
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