McDonald’s explains exercise bikes found in fast food company’s Chinese restaurants


McDonald’s China explained the reason for installing trainer-type bicycles at two of its outlets in the country.

Last week, in a widely released TikTok video, customers were seen sitting on a table shaped like an exercise bike as they ate a burger or took a sip of their soft drink, while trying to burn some off. of the calories they consumed.

The video has been shared multiple times on the platform with millions of views and viewed over 33 million times.

On Wednesday (December 22), the fast food chain released a statement explaining, “The green charging bike is an in-restaurant experience, currently being tested at two locations in China, designed to inspire more green behaviors as customers enjoy their food. McDonald’s favorites.

“The bicycle generates electricity to power everyday devices like cellphones and is part of McDonald’s ‘Upcycle for Good’ project in China,” the statement said. ” [It is] an initiative focused on creating products with plastic parts from recycled materials.

The company also revealed that the Green Charging bikes are installed at two locations in China. The first is at McDonald’s Jieyang Wanda restaurant in Guangdong province, and the second at New Hualian restaurant in Shanghai.

McDonald’s is currently monitoring customer reviews of the bikes to decide whether to expand them to other outlets across China.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s in Japan is experiencing a shortage of the fast-food chain’s famous fries due to shipping delays.

“McDonald’s Japan will temporarily limit sales of medium and large sized fries as a proactive measure to ensure that customers can continue to enjoy McDonald’s fries,” the company told BBC.

“Customers will still be able to order Small Size Fries in any of our restaurants. To date, there has been no disruption of supply.

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