McDonald’s Canada Menu Items Ranked, Rated

The Quarter Pounder BLT cost me $6.41. It landed in seventh place on my list because the burger tasted burnt and seemed to mask the bacon taste.

The author bites into a Quarter Pounder BLT.

Joey Hadden/Insider

Inside the Quarter Pounder BLT was a burger, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. I like the Quarter Pounder at McDonald’s in the US so thought it was worth a try.

The first bite left me disappointed. I thought the burger tasted burnt and the bacon didn’t have enough flavor to overcome the bitterness of the overcooked patty. While the tomatoes tasted fresh, I thought the lettuce was slightly soggy. The redeeming quality of this burger, however, was the sesame seed patty, which added a nice texture that I loved.

The poutine cost me $3.71. The fries didn’t hold the sauce as well as other poutine dishes I’ve eaten, placing it sixth on my list.

McDonald's Canada

The author tries McDonald’s poutine.

Joey Hadden/Insider

Poutine is a popular Canadian signature dish that still has three standard ingredients – fries, gravy and cheese curds – along with other toppings like meat or vegetables, in some cases. McDonald’s serves it in its most basic form.

I’m generally a fan of McDonald’s fries because I like them to be thin with a crispy outer layer and a chewy interior. But I thought they were too light for the thick sauce so they couldn’t hold both textures of the cheese sauce well. Instead of complimenting the fries, the sauce seemed to seep through their outer layers, making them taste a bit soggy, in my opinion.

After trying poutine at La Banquise, a casual restaurant that serves it in Montreal, I really knew how disappointing McDonald’s version was.

The Ranch Grilled Chicken Wrap is $2.42. I thought it was great value, but nothing about it blew me away, so it landed in fifth place for me.

McDonald's Canada

The author bites into a snack.

Joey Hadden/Insider

At $2.42, the Ranch Chicken Snack Wrap cost me less than a typical cup of coffee.

Inside the wrap was a piece of grilled chicken, lettuce, ranch, and cheese. A problem I often have with grilled chicken is that I find it tastes dry even though it’s only slightly overcooked. That’s exactly how I felt about this wrap. It didn’t taste bad and I thought the rest of the ingredients complimented it nicely, but it left me craving a juicier piece of grilled chicken.

For $0.83, the maple caramel glazed donut was moist and flavorful, although a bit too sweet, in my opinion. He ranked fourth on my list.

McDonald's Canada

A maple-glazed, caramel-filled donut from McDonald’s.

Joey Hadden/Insider

I usually have apple pie for dessert when I go to McDonald’s in the US, but Canada is all about maple, so I opted for the maple glazed donut and caramel.

With creme au caramel inside, maple glaze on the outside, and a drizzle of vanilla on top, this donut had too much flavor, in my opinion. Although delicious, each bite felt like a sugar rush and I found it overwhelming. I think if McDonald’s had removed the creme au caramel or the maple frosting, it would have been higher on my list.

The Crispy Chicken and Bacon McWrap cost me $6.90, and it was worth every bite, ranking it third on my list.

McDonalds Canada Chicken and Bacon Mcwrap

Inside Crispy Chicken and Bacon McWrap.

Joey Hadden/Insider

This wrap took ingredients from both the chicken wrap and the BLT burger, but with much better execution, in my opinion.

The wrap came with bacon, lettuce, tomato and a mayo style sauce. I thought the chicken was delicious and crispy with a soft interior, and the flavor of the bacon stood out from the chicken and complimented it nicely. The mayo style sauce was light with a hint of vinegar, which I liked, and the vegetables tasted fresh and weren’t soggy.

I would definitely order this wrap again.

In second place, I chose the Crispy Chicken BLT which was $6.37 and was even more satisfying than the wrap thanks to a textured seed bun.

McDonald's Canada

The author enjoys a Crispy Chicken BLT.

Joey Hadden/Insider

I love fried chicken sandwiches. It’s usually my go-to order at restaurants that serve them. The Crispy Chicken BLT came with all the fixings of the similar wrap, but instead of being folded inside a soft tortilla, the ingredients were stacked between a delicious seeded bun, which gave it a more interesting texture, I thought.

Taking a bite of this sandwich I thought all the ingredients went together so well and adding the bun took it to the next level making me feel like I was eating a hearty sandwich in a pub rather than in a fast-food.

I was surprised that it was cheaper than the wrap, as it seemed to have the same amount of chicken and was, in my opinion, even better.

The best item I tried at McDonald’s in Canada was the Skor McFlurry. For $3.09 the McFlurry included a vanilla soft serve mixed with Skor bar bits and I thought it was fantastic.

McDonald's Canada

The author enjoys his McFlurry the most.

Joey Hadden/Insider

I’ve always been a fan of the creamy, fluffy, vanilla soft serve from McDonald’s in the US, so I was excited to try the Skor McFlurry while in Canada. I had never heard of a Skor bar before this experience, but found it to be very much like a Heath bar with chocolate enrobing a piece of caramel.

I’ve had other McFlurries in the past, but I don’t think any were as good as this one.

In my opinion, the taste and texture of chocolate and caramel complement vanilla ice cream better than any other toppings I’ve tried, like Oreo or M&M. I also thought there was a perfect ratio between the Skor bar and the ice cream, so I didn’t have bites without chocolate.

Finishing this dessert left me wanting more – and wishing I could have a Skor McFlurry in the States.

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