McDonald’s Brings Back 80s Danish Cheese

Guess what’s coming back to McDonald’s for a limited time starting September 14 at participating restaurants? The one and only “Danish cheese”.

I used to order a Cheese Danish from McDonald’s quite often in the 80’s. It’s so delicious and only in McDonald’s restaurants for a short time.


McDonald’s has announced that it will be bringing back a menu item it first offered in the decade of acid wash jeans and leggings: The Cheese Danish. The puff pastry, first offered at the fast food chain in the 80s, features a sweet cream cheese filling and is topped with a buttery streusel and a light drizzle of vanilla for a delicious treat. ‘fall.

When I was in high school in the mid-70s, McDonald’s was the hangout every Friday night after home football games.

The McDonald’s parking lot on Cedar Street in Lansing was packed with students from Everett High School.

Would you like to know what were the fashion trends in the mid 70s? How about bell bottoms, platforms, high jeans, feathered hair and hot pants. Yes, we were all sporting the 70s look.

In the 80s, when Cheese Danish was first introduced on the McDonald’s menu, the fashion trends were:

1. Voluminous hair and perms

2. Elastane

3. Torn knees

4. Lace Shirts

5. Leggings

6. High waisted jeans

7. Neon colors

8. Mullet

Let’s relive the 80s and savor “Cheese Danish” when it returns to the McDonald’s menu on September 14th. It’s a perfect fall treat, especially after local high school football games.

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