McDonald’s Australia is expanding its menu with a new McNuggets offering

McDonald’s Australia has just added a new item to the menu, and it would be happening for the first time in the country. The fast food restaurant has launched two exciting items, which is good news, especially for McNugget lovers.

McDonald’s just made one of its popular items bigger and improved the size of its McNuggets. The favorite side also comes with a special sauce that has yet to be tried in Australia.

According to, McDonald’s Australia decided to offer what its customers wanted when they trended the #nugg on social media. The fast food joint is now introducing a massive serving of McNuggets, and one order from this menu will result in a box full of 40 pieces of chicken nuggets!

It has been reported that customers will receive two McNuggets Sharing Pack boxes each containing 20 pieces. The 40-piece oversized chicken nuggets have a recommended retail price of $20.95, and it’s worth noting that this amount may vary slightly depending on location, according to McDonald’s Australia.

“Our customers love our famous Chicken McNuggets, which are made from 100% RSPCA approved Australian chicken breast,” the burger spokesperson told the publication. “The 40 Chicken McNugget Sharing Pack is the perfect meal to enjoy with family, friends, or other Chicken McNugget fans in your life.”

And that’s not all, the 40-piece McNuggets also arrive with a new sauce and that brings the number of new additions to McDonald’s Australia’s menu to two. The restaurant brand unveiled its new spicy and sticky BBQ sauce for the first time and it was created to accompany the giant box of chicken nuggets.

The good news is that this pairing may be a permanent option on McDonald’s Australia’s menu list. 7News reported that the new McNuggets size option and its special sauce will be available in stores across the country starting this Wednesday, February 16

McDonald’s Australia first announced the larger Chicken McNugget pack size the same day it announced the release of the limited-edition McNugget box designed for Valentine’s Day. This pack features the regular 6-piece nuggets enclosed in a box with a pop-up heart.

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