McDonald’s adds a Taco Bell favorite to its menu

When McDonald’s (MCD) – Get the McDonald’s Corporation report strays from variations on burgers, chicken sandwiches, and various types of chicken pieces, it tends to fail.

McSpaghetti still exists in some global markets, as does McPizza, but both have failed spectacularly in the United States.

The fast-food giant offers dishes on its global menus that cater to local tastes but wouldn’t make sense for wide release in the United States. In other cases, McDonald’s tries menu items outside the United States that reflect how the world views Americans.

This led to the creation of the Chicago company’s new menu items. These new McTreats borrow from an American culinary tradition well known around the world. And while these new items provide direct competition to Yum Brands (YUM) – Get yum! Report Brands, Inc. Taco Bell, some of them also offer a unique version of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s launches in the Southwest

Americans love Tex-Mex food. Nachos and fajitas have become favorite menu items not just at restaurants dedicated to that particular fare, but at nearly every sports bar. It’s hard to find a staple restaurant in the US that doesn’t offer nachos, and now you can add McDonald’s to that list, but not in the US.

The fast-food chain has added nachos and an entire menu built around Tex-Mex favorites to its menu in Spain.

“Incredible Tex-Mex flavor comes to our restaurants with the amazing Grand McExtreme Nachos: a delicious sauce of cheddar cheese, tomato, onion, double meat and nachos inside the burger,” the company wrote on the site. McDonald’s Spain web (translated from Spanish). ).

In addition to the nacho-inspired burger, the new menu includes a number of other items, Eat Brand reported.

“McDonald’s Nachos are your staple nachos with tortilla chips topped with nacho cheese sauce. It’s joined by McShaker Fries and the new Grand McExtreme Nachos burger. McShaker Fries offers McDonald’s signature fries served with a packet of cheese seasoning and a bag so you can combine and shake to distribute the seasoning,” according to the website.

Could McDonald’s bring nachos to the United States?

McDonald’s has tried a variety of burritos on both its breakfast menu and its lunch/dinner menu. The company also briefly tried to sell fajitas, according to

“McDonald’s sold its own version of the popular dish in 1993. The fajitas included chicken, cheese, red and green peppers and diced onions in a flour tortilla (with packets of mild and spicy Picante sauce available on McDonald’s ad claimed one bite of their chicken fajitas was like ‘a taste of Mexico… minus the sunburn,’” the website said.

This item failed quickly (like most new items introduced to the McDonald’s menu).

Nachos, however, might be a better fit than fajitas because they require relatively little prep and only require two new ingredients: nacho chips and a nacho cheese sauce.

These two ingredients, as we have seen on the menu in Spain, are also very versatile. Fries and nacho cheese sauce can go in burgers and cheese sauce can be used with fries.

It may be that McDonald’s is pulling a page from Taco Bell’s playbook. But it’s not unprecedented because Taco Bell actually sells fries (at least sometimes).

Nachos may be starting in Spain, but it’s not unreasonable to think that these items — at least some of them — could eventually find their way onto American menus.

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