McDonald’s adds a new burger to its menu

McDonald’s may be known as the home of the Big Mac, but a new item added to the menu may prove to be stiff competition for the iconic burger. The beloved fast food chain has officially expanded its burger menu with the addition of the truffle-rich potato burgers – the truffle-rich potato burger and the truffle-rich potato burger and the mushroom and potato burger. truffles – which are now only available in one country.

The new specialties, which are only available at McDonald’s stores in South Korea, according to Chewing boom, offer two beef patties topped with homemade fries, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, a rich truffle demi-glace sauce and a spicy sauce, all sandwiched between a seed bun sesame. The burger with mushrooms and potatoes rich in truffles raises the stakes a little with the addition of sautéed mushrooms. Truffle-rich potato burgers won’t be on McDonald’s menus in South Korea for long, as they would only be seasonal items available a la carte or as part of a combination meal. That means the two new burgers are set to be phased out after the holiday season, and it’s unclear whether McDonald’s plans to bring them back next year or possibly roll them out worldwide.

The two burgers are just the latest burgers in season to appear on McDonald’s menus. For the holiday season, McDonald’s lovers in Japan were treated to the return of the Gracoro Burger. Originally appearing on menus in 1993, the unique burger boasts of a patty which is actually a croquette filled with shrimp and macaroni in a creamy white sauce, all wrapped in a crispy panko shell. The hamburger takes its name from a combination of “gratin” and “korokke”, the Japanese version of the croquette. The burger returned to McDonald’s Japan menus on December 1, with the new Angus Beef Bolognese Gracoro burger also making its debut.

McDonald’s lovers in the United States weren’t completely left behind, however. To celebrate the holiday season, the Golden Arches have teamed up with global pop icon Mariah Carey to present the Mariah Menu, which allows customers to mark 12 days of menu items for free with a minimum purchase of 1. $ on the McDonald’s app. The Mariah menu will run through Friday, December 24, with next offerings targeting Sausage McMuffin with Egg (Tuesday, December 21), Double Cheeseburger (Wednesday, December 22), Sausage Biscuit (Thursday, December 23) and Chocolate Chip Biscuits ( Friday December 24).

In addition to the series of offers, the partnership with Carey also saw the launch of exclusive Mariah x McDonald’s products. On December 15 and 20, a handful of lucky fans were able to win the special Mariah x McDonald’s merch item for that day through the buyout of the Mariah Menu offer. The merch included exclusive hats and t-shirts.

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