Lime Squeezy is a friendly Asian restaurant with a well-traveled menu

Korean BBQ Chicken Bao Buns at Lime Squeezy

We visited the bright and airy Brighton branch in Jubilee Square, in sizeable premises vacated by Pizza Express.

One afternoon in late August, we nestled on stools by the window and soaked up the watery sun in an understated, extremely bright two-story venue that has plenty of space within its white walls.

Nori Squid with Squeezy Lime Wasabi Dip

Lime Squeezy bills itself as a Southeast Asian fusion and has a menu that reads like a backpacker’s dream with Nasi Gorengs, Pad Thai and Rendangs side by side.

But like any good traveler, it doesn’t stop there and the first hint of the pan-Asian menu came with our choice of bao buns – Korean BBQ.

These fluffy little guys were filled with hot and spicy (surprisingly spicy) chicken, crunchy coleslaw and Japanese mayonnaise.

Next, the Yumpling Pork – Not sure what the difference is between a yumpling and a dumpling? Maybe the size? Because those bubbas were BIG.

Squeezy Lime Pork Yumplings

Steamed dumplings literally bursting at the seams with salty sweet pork mixed with diced water chestnuts, topped with crispy garlic, and reminiscent of an afternoon dim sum (but almost twice as much big). Generous starter number two came in the form of Nori Squid with wasabi dip. The wonderful molluscs were perfectly cooked without even a suggestion of chewing on them, with a thick, crispy batter and not a million miles from the panko-breadcrumb style, and just begging to be dipped in the wasabi dip, which itself was all the better for the addition of salty slivers of Japanese seaweed.

There was a budget sharing option of enjoying plates of gyoza, crispy rolls and meat skewers etc, an option that seemed popular with younger diners, but we are certainly not younger and we are rather squeezed in a slower middle-aged way with bigger dishes.

A plate of golden pork belly looked as good as it looked and was served with Massaman curry sauce, rice and a tangy salad accompanied by superb pickled vegetables.

And a comforting bowl of laska made for a lightly spiced tasting of noodles, shrimp, chicken, and veggies.

Pork Belly Golden Lime

The pudding came in the form of a refreshing East Asian Yuzu Citrus Sorbet and brightly colored Japanese Mochi – scoops of mixed ice cream wrapped in a sweet pounded rice batter. The latter was a somewhat odd texture on a Western candy, but any lingering doubts were dispelled by the quality of the ice cream, particularly the mango flavor.

Lime Squeezy in BN1 has every chance of being a lasting success.

This is particularly welcome given the relative scarcity of Thai kitchens in Brighton pubs in 2022.

The location couldn’t be better and the varied menu covers much of Asia and many personal favorites under one roof.

Squeezy Lime Chicken and Shrimp Laska
Mochi mix at Lime Squeezy
Squeezy Lime Yuzu Sorbet

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