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Jamaica’s greatest gift to the world is its rich and vibrant culture. Arguably, no other culture in the world has had the influence and impact of Jamaican culture.

Due to Jamaican culture, non-Jamaican international reggae artists – such as Snow (from Canada), Gentleman (from Germany), Alberosie (from Italy), SOJA and Big Mountain, both from the USA – have emerged on the music. scene and made a name for themselves in the reggae music industry.

Bob Marley has influenced the musical art of many world famous artists, including Bono (U2), John Lennon (The Beatles), Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones) and Eric Clapton.

Another aspect of Jamaican music culture, the sound system has also had a huge impact and influence globally. Multiple World Champion Clash winner David Rodigan and Mighty Crown, nicknamed “The Far East Rulers of Dancehall”, operate two of the most successful sound systems in Britain and Japan respectively.

Jamaican foods, especially jerk sauce, chicken and beef jerky patties, have had a huge impact commercially and on the culinary scene in the American, Canadian and British food and restaurant industries.

Finally, Miss Lou’s contribution to Jamaican culture, through her poems and songs in the Jamaican dialect, has shown Britain and the world how wonderful and unique the patois is and how and why it should be preserved. , celebrated and even cherished.


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