Latest Perth food and drink news – 23rd November 2022

Dinner and show

New Year’s announcements begin to sound. One of the most enticing offerings is Si Paradiso’s double act which, as the venue on Rue Beaufort does throughout the year, combines good food and drink with dancing. For those who want to keep things casual, the courtyard will host the New Year’s Eve celebration ($40 per person) with drinks and snacks on a pay-per-view basis, as well as an evening of music provided by veteran coach Charlie Bucket, accompanied from Melbourne-based percussionist Future The Roots. The all-inclusive option is the New Year’s Eve dinner ($120 per person) which offers a set menu in the dining room plus a welcome drink, before moving on to the aforementioned court jam.

When disco becomes decoration

For those closer to Freo, Strange Company combines the hedonism of ’70s disco with the majesty of ’20s art deco for its Deco Disco New Year’s Eve party. Doors open from 12 p.m., with live music from 5 p.m. and DJs from 9 p.m. to midnight and beyond. The menu will feature deluxe wood-fired pizzas alongside seafood specialties and the regular Strange Company menu.

Summer sake

Tsunami, Mosman Park’s favorite Japanese izakaya, is hosting a summer edition of its popular Japanese sake and liquor festival, Sake no Jin. On Saturday December 3 and Sunday December 4, the Tsunami Courtyard will offer a tasting of more than 90 different sakes from around the country as well as plum wine, shochu and whiskey. Your $55 ticket gets you unlimited tastings of everything on offer plus the chance to sample matsuri (“festival”) snacks from chef Tomohiro Nozue. Tickets are available online, and for your convenience, Tsunami is a short walk from Mosman Park Station.

Alberta’s puts dinner service on its menu

After six months of discussions, Alberta’s in Busselton is changing its opening hours. For the first two weeks of December, Kirsty Marchant and Ben Ing’s kitchen and neighborhood store will (temporarily) suspend breakfasts so that they and the team can focus on lunches (Saturday and Sunday) as well as on Friday night dinners, which we expect to be very, very popular. Dinner will also be served Friday, December 16 and Saturday, December 17 with lunches Sunday, December 18 through Wednesday, December 21, before Alberta closes for its Christmas vacation. Reservation details will be announced soon on social media.

Welcome to Farmer-town

Winemakers at Maverick Swan Valley Local Weirdos and Perth-based lifestyle brand Highs and Lows have joined forces to launch Dope Peasant Juice, an organically grown Grenache that has been crafted with current drinkability at the fore . The wine will be released on Sunday November 27 at Wines of While with DJs Low End Therapy and YGAM providing music.

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