Kirby Cafe Introduces Cute New 30th Anniversary Menu Items


Kirby Cafe recently launched a suite of new menu items to celebrate the pink puffball’s 30th anniversary, featuring a Karby cake and a Kirby burger.


Nintendo and its many franchises have had plenty to celebrate over the past few years, with several of its legendary properties reaching milestones. The past year has seen not only Pokemon celebrates its 25th anniversary with several new games and homages to the franchise’s rich history, but Super Mario’s 30th anniversary also came the previous year in 2020 and The Legend of Zeldathe 35th arrived alongside Pokemonthe festivities. Now, Kirby is next in line for Nintendo honors with the pink puffball reaching the 30th year since its debut in 1992 Kirby’s Dreamland and Nintendo has plenty in store for the year ahead.


Kirby has already kicked off its 30th anniversary with a bang with the latest game in the long-running franchise, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, released recently as the first true 3D platformer in the series. Nintendo also recently announced the Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest, a “big band style” online concert taking place later this year in August. While Nintendo previously confirmed other anniversary projects to come throughout the year, the most recent addition saw Japan’s Kirby Cafe join in the festivities with a range of adorable new menu items to come. in the themed restaurant.

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A tweet from the official Kirby Cafe account shows the Kirby-inspired items coming to the character’s cafe, with one in particular paying homage to the character’s latest outing. “Transform! Car Mouth Cake” sees Kirby’s popular Karby transformation from Kirby and the Forgotten Land being immortalized as a dessert and the “Kirby Burger” features a pink bun emblazoned with Kirby’s face, with customers being able to choose whether they want Kirby’s modern or classic face on the bun. The cafe even offers a birthday cupcake for the character and souvenir plates for customers to take home.

Nintendo’s Japanese cafes are renowned for their unique homages to its iconic franchises. The last month has seen PokemonCafes in Tokyo and Osaka are adding latte designs to their menu featuring each of the game’s Hoenn region Pokemon, and Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World is featuring a Mario Cafe filled with souvenirs and decorations based on the game. flagship franchise from the developer. Themed character cafes are especially popular in Japan with many other franchises like Final Fantasy and Gundam also offering similarly designed restaurants.

The release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land earlier this week has been highly anticipated by fans of the pink puffball since it was revealed in September last year. The game is the first fully 3D Kirby game, and developer HAL Laboratory recently expressed a desire to make it more “wild” Kirby games that innovate on the thirty-year-old franchise. KirbyThe 30th anniversary is already well underway with new games and plenty of festivities set to continue throughout 2022.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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