KFC Singapore adds Turkey Bacon Zinger and Golden Spice Chicken Skin to its menu


KFC Singapore has introduced a new sandwich that customers are sure to love. He added the Zinger to the turkey bacon and was described as the upgraded version of his popular Chicken Zinger sandwich.

The new food will only be on KFC Singapore’s menu list for a month, and there’s still time to try it. According to goodyfeedThe Turkey Bacon Zinger is a hearty sandwich made with the restaurant’s signature Zinger tenderloin, two layers of crispy turkey bacon, a meaty turkey bacon sauce, double cheddar cheese and a relish sauce onion.

The baconized turkey gravy delivers the umami taste, which can be enjoyed with every bite. The delicious ingredients are held together by the fluffy brioche bun. The new Zinger sandwich with seven layers of goodness is priced at $6.95.

KFC Singapore’s Turkey Baconized Zinger was released last week, and it’s here to stay until the second week of March. Customers can also have this sandwich as a meal for $9.15, and it comes with the waffle hash and a full-size Pepsi Black.

Along with the new Zinger sandwich, KFC Singapore has also brought back a favorite snack to its stores. The Goldspice Chicken Skin is back, but it will only be available at select participating locations across the country.

This crispy and flavorful side is made with chicken skin covered with various seasonings such as salted egg, sweet basil and curry leaves. After coating, the chicken skins are fried to become crispy and golden.

In one report, it was said that in addition to the new Goldspice chicken skin, KFC Singapore is also bringing back the original version of the chicken skin. It’s the one with the breading made with the original KFC recipe.

Customers can try the new Turkey Bacon Zinger with the Golden Spice Chicken Skin. They can also opt for the original Chicken Skin and Zinger version, but this is the only opportunity to taste the new flavors which will be in KFC Singapore stores for just a few weeks. So everyone should buy them now before they are taken off the menu again.

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