KFC China launches regional menu to cater to local tastes

KFC China’s parent company, Yum China Holdings, Inc., announced on Jan. 18 that it had added traditional dishes to its menu lineup to cater to the tastes of local customers. The catering company was said to have tapped into some regional Chinese cuisines to create new food products for the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant’s Chinese unit.

In addition, Yum China wishes to meet the varied needs of its Chinese customers. Last year, KFC China introduced 12 regionally inspired food products for the first time. Since then, the restaurant chain has not stopped innovating and adding new products designed to suit the palate of locals.

So far, KFC China has launched congee, rice rolls, pancakes and bean curd pudding as part of its Chinese breakfast options. The strategy appears to be successful as customers visit stores for localized foods they know.

“China prides itself on having rich and diverse food scenes. Almost every city has its own culinary specialties, especially when it comes to breakfast,” Yum China general manager Joey Wat said in a statement. communicated. Press release. “Launching regional menu items is part of our strategy to relentlessly pursue food innovation, which helps us meet ever-changing consumer demands and keep up with the latest trends.”

In any case, to deliver the authentic local taste, KFC China chose to partner with reputable Chinese brands when creating regional menu items. The company has also only used high quality ingredients that come mostly from local sources.

All selected food products have been officially added to KFC China’s product portfolio and are sold both online and in stores. The other menu that made it to the restaurant are yanpi wonton, hot dry noodles, and hulatang, a kind of traditional Chinese soup also called chili or spicy soup.

Finally, KFC China also launched xiao long bao, beef noodles, etc. It has been said that the popular dumpling is now a permanent fixture on KFC China’s breakfast menu.

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