Kenya: Coach Bella attributes heavy Deaflympics defeat to culture shock and lack of exposure


Caxias Do Sul – From culture shock, nasty results to unpredictable weather at the ongoing 24th Summer Deaflympics, Deaf women’s national soccer team coach Ben Bella isn’t giving up yet.

Bella believes Kenyan women can go far if talent is discovered and cultivated early.

Without mincing words, Bella candidly called Caxius Do Sul’s performance a tall order, adding, “We struggled to master match situations here in Brazil. We really have to nurture talent from early childhood. And I believe that in time things will be fine.”

-Best Practices-

The tactician also thinks it’s time to emulate best practices around the world to see how differently other teams perform their duties.

“I had a conversation with the coach of the United States and he told me that many years ago they were in a similar situation. But they really had to be patient with their team and now they deliver results, so we don’t need to overreact because Rome wasn’t built in a day either.”

The Deaf Women’s team is set to host the 4th World Deaf Football Championships in Mokpo-si, Korea from May 14-29, 2023 and Bella is of the opinion that preparations begin immediately after the Deaflympcs.

-First preparations-

“There’s this championship coming to Korea next year, so what we’re supposed to do is start our preparations now. Usually our preparations start three weeks or a month before and that doesn’t bode well. because when you do that, those are the results.”

Bella also noted that the eight players who were left behind due to documentation issues could have made a big difference.

“Even though some of these players were young, some didn’t have proper documentation. But the Federation is trying and I think with this kind of government support everything will be fine and over time we will build this team.”

Bella thinks the technical bench gave it their all, adding that what their opponents are doing on the pitch is way too tactical.

“It’s a fact that we couldn’t match our opponents. They had depth and also the aspect of culture shock played. Our ladies were shocked to see the style of play of their opponents. Mobility, passing was lacking all given the superior nature of their adversaries.

Bella has since described her match experience at Caxius do Sul as disappointing. “It’s a sad day, a sad moment for me. I think I did my best as a technical expert. Overall, we have to do a lot more given that our first game against Japan , the scores were not good.”

The team made their Games debut losing 12-0 to Japan at the Estadio Estrela-Soccer Field in Caxias Do Sul. Kenya also lost 8-1 to hosts Brazil and scored their first goal. It was the country’s only goal against the opposition at the prestigious event.

Kenya also lost 8-0 to Poland before ending their match in an 11-0 defeat.

“So I think it’s a big challenge. We have to do a lot of work and educate our competent community,” he said.

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