Katara Football Art exhibition celebrates Russian culture

The ongoing “Katara Football Art” (KFA) exhibition at Katara Building 18 – The Cultural Village continues to offer exciting artistic and cultural activities to visitors.
The exhibition showcasing the legacy of the FIFA World Cup hosted a “Russia Day” on Friday, presenting a glimpse into the culture of the country that hosted the 2018 World Cup.
The exhibition includes five pavilions for the last five countries that hosted the World Cup: Japan / Korea (2002), Germany (2006), South Africa (2010), Brazil (2014) and Russia (2018).

The traditional Russian dances performed by young girls captivated the audience.
Another interesting feature of the celebration was the live singing.
Visitors were treated to songs in English and Russian.
Khalid al-Sayed, director of cultural affairs and events for Katara, said: “Through this exhibition, we want to show that even football is an art. There are a lot of activities outside the soccer field which include art and culture.

“We want to promote and show the cultures of the different countries which have hosted the World Cups,” he added. “It is very important. We can see the smile on the faces of the visitors as they watched the various arts and cultural activities.
“It’s always great to see the competition on the pitch. However, it is also important to see all the beauty outside the football field, ”al-Sayed said.
Russian Embassy official Vera Pavlova said: “It was a great event. I would like to thank MAPS International and Katara for giving expatriate Russians the opportunity to showcase their culture and artistic talents.
“The dance performances were presented by students from a dance school. Russian artists showed their talents by painting live, ”she said. “The visitors also enjoyed the live singing. ”

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