Japanese chef Hiromi Yonekawa introduces new menu at Sheraton Dhaka

Recently, Master Chef Hiromi Yonekawa came from Japan and was appointed chef of Yumi, the exclusive Japanese restaurant located on Level 27 of Sheraton Dhaka at Banani in the capital, according to a press release.

Born in Osaka, Japan, Chef Hiromi practices the Osaka style of cooking and has over 30 years of global experience in Japanese cuisine. He is also one of the first chefs to introduce Aburi Sushi, a type of smoked sushi.

Recently, he introduced an eclectic new menu at Yumi which includes his signature dishes: Dynamic Spider Roll, Miso Katso Chicken and Smoked Aburi Sushi.

The new menu features many contemporary Japanese dishes such as Sakana Tartare, Lobster Spicy Mayo, Gindara Saikyo Yaki and includes many new sushi, sashimi and tempura made from the finest imported ingredients.

To ensure maximum freshness, all exotic fish imported from abroad as ingredients are vacuum packed and stored in a super freezer at -80°.

Curated by international Teppanyaki chef Kharak Singh Ishant, the signature restaurant also offers fine Teppanyaki cuisine every evening.

“Teppan” means iron plate and “Yaki” translates to pan-fried or grilled, and is often called “hibachi” outside of Japan.

A Teppanyaki meal features various dishes of meat, seafood and vegetables cooked on a large iron griddle that gives guests front-row seats to the action, as chefs work their magic with ingredients and ingredients. fire on the teppan.

Each Teppanyaki session lasts approximately 2 hours, where guests are entertained by the chefs’ teppan skills while enjoying unlimited hot dishes from the grill. It is a unique experience that no other 5 star hotel offers in Dhaka.

“Yumi represents true authentic Japanese taste in the most fascinating setting in Bangladesh, which is complemented by top international chefs and well-trained service staff. Must visit to enjoy this unparalleled experience,” said Shakapath Hossain, CEO of Unique Hotel. & Resorts PLC – the company that owns Sheraton Dhaka and Westin Dhaka).

Nestled at the highest point of Banani, Yumi is a sophisticated Japanese izakaya that showcases true-to-authentic flavors in an exciting, breathtaking setting with sweeping panoramic views of the city from above.

The restaurant has two floors with a capacity of 118 seats at a time. It is currently open daily for dinner from 6.30pm to 11.30pm, and for dinner reservations must be made by calling +8801313709032.

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