Intimate Japanese BYOB Tasting Menu Experience Energizes Montrose

An intimate dining experience with a tasting menu is back at Montrose. reikina now serves dinner three nights at Native Coffee (1712 W Dallas St.).

Reikina, which takes its name from the Japanese words reiki (translated as “divine energy”) and sakana (snacks with sake), evolved from the meals that chef Thomas Stacy served at his home during the pandemic. The chef opened a permanent location at CityCentre last year, but it closed in March.

For this second go-around, Stacy made some significant changes. First, it reduced the number of courses from eight to five and swapped communal seating – a nod to its dine-in roots – with the option of individual tables.

“I learned a lot from the previous iteration of the concept,” Stacy said in a statement. “I want to do it a little differently this time around – more rustic, with fewer dishes, larger portions and the ability for guests to sit at their own table. I couldn’t be more excited to bring these new changes to the Montrose Community – the place where I grew up and where the pop-ups originally started. Reikina is all about creative expression, and Montrose is a perfect place to match that creative energy.

Stacy will change the menu every two months. The current progression consists of:

  • Dab sashimi with apricot jam, tamari, olive oil and crispy potato
  • Sesame Caesar salad with pickled kohlrabi, cherry tomato and burnt sourdough
  • Smoked cod agnolotti creamy sauce with bonito flakes
  • Smoked Wagyu RC Ranch with Kalbi Mustard Greens and Miso Potato
  • Nectarine glazed tart with homemade marshmallow and vanilla egg cream

Meals are priced at $100 per person. For drinks, diners are encouraged to avail of Reikina offering BYOB.

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