Infosys sued in US court for cultural bias in hiring policy

Infosys: Bengaluru-based IT giant Infosys is being sued in US court over cultural bias after a former executive claimed in a lawsuit filed last year that the company engaged in age discrimination , gender and nationality in its recruitment practices.
According to reports, Jill Prejean, former vice president of talent acquisition at Infosys, claimed that she was instructed not to hire people of Indian origin, mothers or people over the age of 50. year.

In the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, she made a startling confession. In September last year, Ms Prejean took legal action against the company, its former executives and partners.

Ms Prejean sued the company last year

According to the sources, in Ms Prejean’s statement, she expressed dismay at “the endemic culture of unlawful discriminatory animosity among executives at partner level based on age, gender and caregiver status”. .

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During her first two months on the job in 2018, she reportedly “tried to change that culture”, but was met with “opposition from Infosys partners – Jerry Kurtz and Dan Albright”.

The IT giant filed a motion to dismiss the complaint filed by the plaintiff, who also claimed she was fired for defying the company’s allegedly illegal demands when hiring senior executives.
Infosys requested the dismissal on the grounds that Ms. Prejean had failed to provide evidence to support her claims.

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However, the court denied the request and ordered the company to respond within 21 days from the date of the order (September 30).
Former senior vice president and board director Mark Livingston, along with former business partners Dan Albright and Jerry Kurtz, are named in the case.

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