In the first Hot Wheels Car Culture 2-pack of 2022, JDM meets the Muscle Cars

I have often seen people show a tendency to downplay other people’s hobbies. You often hear phrases like: “It’s like any other car, it has four wheels and a steering wheel, what’s so special about it? “ And the same goes for Hot Wheels. “What, are you 5 years old?” or the traditional “Why would you want to pay that kind of money for a small car?” “ Understanding someone’s hobby takes time, and often requires delving into it to fully grasp its scope.

I’ve been collecting Hot Wheels for a few years now and continue to discover new things about the brand every two months or so. For example, did you know that Mattel launched the 2-Packs Car Culture last year? The Car Culture format has been in use since 2016, and we’ve seen some incredible models come out since. But when it comes to 2-Packs, collectors only received 2 mixes in 2021 and that’s it.

The 2-Packs consists, as the name suggests, of two themed Premium cars from a certain assortment. One of these cars is from an existing Car Culture series, while the other is new. In 2021, the Mix 1 contained two Nissan Skyline GT-R R32s, a Chevy Silverado ’83, a GMC Syclone ’91, a Mercedes-Benz 280 SEL 4.5 ’72 and a Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5-16.

For the second mix, collectors could purchase a pair of ’71 BRE Datsun 510s, a pair of Porsche 962s, a custom VW Beetle, and a VW T1 Panel Bus. Of course, Mattel is bringing back the 2-Packs for 2022, and we already have an unboxing scenario from an avid collector. It is becoming more and more evident that drifting has become an internationally renowned sport, judging by the first two cars in the mix.

I’m talking about the RTR Mustangs, which Chelsea DeNofa and Vaughn Gittin JR have used to compete in Formula Drift this year. I’m probably biased due to my affinity for drifting, but I think these are two of the coolest castings Mattel has released in recent years! And I’m especially excited to see that they not only built Vaughn’s car, but Chelsea’s as well!

Then, a strong dose of Nismo Car Culture, with not one but two GT-Rs. This time it is a BNR32 and a BNR34, an evolution that should appeal to both small and large collectors. It’s hard to believe Hot Wheels first released the R32 in 2019. But that only proves the growing popularity of older Japanese cars these days. Meanwhile, the R34 is already over 10 years old, with 17 variants released to date.

Last but not least, it’s time for some American Muscle. Both cars belong to a golden era, the 1970s: a Plymouth Superbird and a Roadrunner. The HW Superbird has been around since 2006, but the Roadrunner is even older, dating back to 1998. If you’re running out of patience, you can already pre-order some of them here.

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