How to Make Mom’s Recipes Faster and Healthier


Using a blender can also be a time and energy saver when preparing sauces, producing a smoother, more emulsified texture, especially when working from scratch. Juan Chavez, a student at Culinary Lab, a cooking school in Orange County, California, uses a high-performance blender to make his version of the enchilada sauce he grew up with.

That’s because traditionally a combination of dried chilies was heated and reconstituted for the sauce, and pieces of the chili skin remained after cooking and needed to be strained, he says. It could his like a simple step, but straining is no quick feat when you have a jar’s worth of sauce and lots of little bits sticking to the bottom of a strainer.

When making the enchilada sauce, instead of straining the pieces of chili skin, Chavez blends them and can see through his blender when the consistency of the sauce is uniform and the chili pieces are pulverized, after about a minute.

“It saves me time and a bit of product because I don’t have to force it,” Chavez says. “It also gives me more consistent and better quality.”

Below is a top-rated blender in CR’s tests, followed by a cheaper option that still performs well.

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