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Hash (any type) is the kind of thing you’ll want to keep on hand. You can have a packet or two of ground meat in the freezer, ready to toss whenever the “what’s for dinner?” the blues begin. The good news is that this blues doesn’t have to be a theme song for long because we have a ground meat recipe for every mood and every type of ground meat.

If you are looking for meatballs/keftedes/kofta/sliders, look here:

Alternatively, join us here as we feast on minced meat recipes from all cuisines; all are clean and approved by popular demand.

holy lunch

Do as the Thais do and snack on this fast sautéed minced chicken and basil for lunch – served with rice topped with an egg. If you think cooking your own Thai food is a bit daunting, start here.

Bun cha cha cha

Every Vietnamese dish you liked is in this bowl. In the heart, the marinated minced pork and the pork belly patties that are bursting with fresh flavors.

Shepherd’s Jewel

It’s a nice way to do it Chinese dough faster to prepare – no need to mash the potato when potato gems are on hand. The same shortcut will also work in this cottage pie.

Crispy parcels

Baking your pierogi is not a common practice, but it works very well. The ground pork and pine nut filling is *the chef’s kiss*.

another delivery

Also as crispy parcels, this time from Indonesia. Telur of Martabak is stuffed with minced meat, eggs, and spices, then fried until its wrapper of thin pastry (or spring roll if you’re cheating) is crispy. The combination is good and it’s one of Indonesia’s most popular street foods for a reason.

great flavors

Rice al djaj is a traditional Lebanese dish with ground chicken in its heart and garlic in its soul. There are many steps to the perfect dish, but simply prepare more than you need to add extra flavor to your dishes all week long.


Many Cuban dishes have a base of sofrito, a mixture of peppers, onions, garlic and tomatoes, slowly cooked in oil to create a sweet and fragrant starting point for a meat dish. Picadillo is cooked this way, and it is featured almost weekly on Chef by Danielle Alvarez home comfort food menu.

Ragú slow boat

Mix your veal and pork mince for an authentic stewed tagliatelle which takes a respectable seven hours to cook. Hush now, anything less just isn’t Bolognese!

Layered Perfection

It must not be forgotten lasagna, one of the most popular minced meat dishes, well, anywhere. Although there are thousands of interpretations, the classic layered beef version with pasta and cheese holds the crown. Alright, alright, here’s one for the béchamel lovers:

Greek response

If we’re listing lasagna, you better believe we’re listing Moussaka. It’s the kind of cooking that draws punters from afar when you mention you’re doing it. The more the merrier, we say!

gift good

A japanese rice bowl is essentially a tribute to ground meat, in this case ground chicken meat. The sweet and salty mirin, soy sauce, and ginger sauce are completely addictive, so luckily this dish is healthy – you’ll be making it regularly.


Another popular Japanese hash dish is taco rice. It’s one of those weird cross-cultural marriages that works. In this case, Tex-Mex meets Okinawa.

I sang it loud

Sang choy bao is a beloved dish for many because it really is “fun to eat”. They say it all the time, but so rarely does a dish live up to the hype – this one really does.

larb that

Lab is a spicy Thai salad and all the flavor is there, plus some extra heat to set things on fire.


Have you ever wondered why it’s called a Hamburger when there is no ham in it? The name comes from Hamburg in Germany, where the burger originated. Good to clear that up – let’s eat!

keen keema

India’s favorite minced meat dish must be keema. For the home cook, this makes a curry that is both feasible and inexpensive to make. This is highly recommended for a weeknight dinner with lots of naan or roti to wrap it up.


Chili con carne could be called chili con-troversial. Many US states claim this Mexican-inspired dish, though Texas is the favorite. Rest assured, it is worth fighting for.

Well stuffed

Hash is great for stuffing vegetables. Exhibit A: this lamb and tomatoes stuffed with vegetables. Exhibit B: these beef stuffed zucchini. Exhibit C: these extra spicy eggplant.

Kindness Sarma

Cabbage leaves are another go-to wrapper for hash in many kitchens and sarma is a testament to why. First, pickle your cabbage, then stuff it with spicy beef and minced pork and see how you do.

Pie on it

There are many ways to make a meat pie and it’s worth trying them all. This recipe is for a large pie to feed the clan, but individual pies are also easy to make yourself. Ditch the frozen variety and make your own pies instead!

Dreams of Kibbeh

Kibbe is the national dish of Lebanon and it is quickly becoming that of Australia as well. The simple fact is that once you try it, you crave it. Come on, you’ll see…

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