GapMaps Expands to Food and Retail Sectors in Southeast Asia and the Middle East

The specialist in mapping software GapMaps spans Southeast Asia and the Middle East, now expanding to 21 countries.

The retail industry has adapted to new patterns of customer demand and built new marketing channels. GapMaps has experienced strong growth in the fast food delivery channel, creating demand for data and information to better plan and capture the potential of growing markets.

“Since 2018, we’ve been adding five new markets each year and double-digit revenue growth year-over-year,” says Anthony Villanti, Founder and CEO of GapMaps.

Villanti says the growth is due to the ease of use and sophistication of mapping software, which uses the latest demographic, government and industry data to help customers choose the right physical location specific to their business needs.

“Today we have around 500 brands using GapMaps in industries where a physical location is required, such as senior care, child care, general medicine, paramedical care, fitness, fuel , grocery store, quick service restaurants, malls and convenience stores. Added Villanti.

According to Tim Shaw, director of market planning for GapMaps, global brands have urged them to enter new markets so that they can use GapMaps abroad. “It has helped decisions about where we will grow the business,” said Shaw.

As countries move out of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, GapMaps is observing and monitoring the increase in pedestrian activity in central areas, shopping malls and other retail areas.

“What’s been interesting is the variability of the COVID-19 recovery process,” Shaw adds.

“We expected to see variability between countries due to different lockdown restrictions and when these were relaxed or removed. However, we are seeing a significant variation in the pace of recovery between large and small malls and central neighborhoods, an inconsistency seen in large urban centers compared to small urban and regional centers, ”observes Shaw.

“Brands that access this information mean they can manage their physical store networks throughout the recovery and plan for the new normal in a post-pandemic world,” Shaw said.

Customers from GapMap, Domino’s, KFC, Starbucks, Burger King, Subway and McDonalds have contributed to international growth. Eat’n’Go, the franchisee of Domino’s, Cold Stone and Pinkberry in Kenya and Nigeria, benefits from the information provided by GapMap.

“GapMaps has the unique ability to create high quality geolocation data and information in certain countries where data is very difficult,” comments Pat McMichael, Managing Director and CEO of the Eat’n’Go Group.

“The quality of their data and platform has allowed me to present world-class market and network planning processes to companies where network planning was previously fairly rudimentary,” says McMichael.

Growth strategy
“Additionally, when GapMaps sees significant growth opportunities, we support each other and proactively enter a market and build a local customer base,” said Shaw. “This combination has proven to be a good growth strategy for the company.

“In Southeast Asia, quick service restaurants are one of the fastest growing industries. Although population growth has slowed in recent years, the growth of the consumer class can be up to four times greater, boosting investment by global brands in stores and malls, ”adds Shaw.

Accessing demographic data in some markets has always been difficult, relying on census data that may be over a decade old. GapMaps indicates that the data is often too large and not suitable for analyzing the local watershed to support a location decision.

“With GapMaps, we can analyze different local demographic, industrial and government data to provide information at a granular level, often exploring a 100 to 250 meter grid to identify an optimal storage basin,” Shaw comments on how GapMaps can be used by businesses. “It gives customers the same market planning processes and experience that they use in Australia. “

Sector expansion
Besides retail, GapMaps will also expand to senior care, medicine and healthcare, as data from these industries is now more accessible.

“Right now, our focus is on retail and food delivery, which is where we can add immediate value to our customers,” Shaw notes.

“While the pandemic has impacted retail categories like food and hospitality, it has created an environment in which global and local brands are using time to reset, rethink and re-evaluate their planning strategies. network and their physical location decisions in preparation for post-foreclosure. ” Shaw said.

GapMaps says that an advisory team has also been put in place to support customers in all markets. This team, which is made up of the same people who built the GapMaps platform, provides consulting services, in-depth data analysis and research to help clients with new ideas, strategies and business plans.


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