“Fruit Daifuku is becoming an increasingly popular food in Japan”


Daifuku is a traditional Japanese confectionery that has been around since the 18th century. Traditional Daifuku is made of red bean paste wrapped in mochi. In the 2020s, Fruit Daifukus appeared on the market and have since become more popular.

Traditional seasonal fruit daifuku – Fruit Daifuku
As the name suggests, Daifuku fruits are different kinds of fruits, such as tangerine, apple, kiwi, pineapple, mango, wrapped in bean paste.

Fresh fruit is expensive in Japan, especially in summer when seasonal fruit is available. Locals like to eat seasonal fruits in an original way or buy them as gifts for others. In some traditional Daifuku stores, people often line up to buy them. Locals love to take photos of this sweet desert and share them on social media.

“As sales increase, we are using automatic peeling technology to increase capacity”

With this trend booming, Koichiro Kato, a Japanese entrepreneur, recently created his Daifuku fruit brand, Kajuan. Kato shared his experiences, “We originally planned to open an e-commerce site only, but the president of a company I had worked with asked me to try opening a physical store. was originally trained as a French chef and was going to go to France to train but the ability to go overseas disappeared with Covid so I studied management in the meantime and developed the Kajuan brand Fruit Daifuku using my knowledge of French cuisine, like adding a secret flavor to white bean paste.

With the increase in sales, Kato recently bought some automatic fruit peelers to facilitate the production process. “We chose the Astra peeler because it is a well-known peeler brand in the local fruit processing sector. The model we use is the KA-700H, we use it to peel all small types of fruit, from kiwi fruit to citrus fruits, pears and apples.

“The machines did a great job, we are really happy with them. Take the example of kiwi, it takes 30 seconds for well-trained personnel to peel a kiwi. But with the machine, a kiwi can be easily peeled in 3 seconds. Our work efficiency has increased nearly 10 times! Kato said.

“What is appealing with Fruit Daifuku is the exquisite and beautiful appearance of the fruit inside. Often in Daifuku stores, staff cut the desert in front of you. What we liked about the Astra KA -700H is that the fruits come out with a nice round shape, which makes them easy to use, says Kato.

“Juicy and well-cut fresh fruit is one of the key factors that defines the good quality of Fruit Daifuku, but we also need to make sure that the piece of fruit is not too watery, otherwise the juice will spoil the texture of the mochi. . The Astra peeler is very suitable. Unlike other “round type” peelers on the market, the machine uses a “blade peeling method”. When rotating, the blade moves smoothly, while still being firmly pressed against the surface of the fruit. This prevents the fruit from sinking and greatly helps us to ensure the texture of the Daifuku.

With this increased production capacity, the Kajuan brand is becoming increasingly well-known. Kato shared an interesting story, “Back then, when we opened a store in Nagasaki, about 60 people lined up in the rain and stood there for about an hour. The mayor of Nagasaki saw the queue and reserved 30 fruit Daifukus.

Talking about the company’s plans, Kato said, “We have opened stores from Sendai in the north to Nagasaki in the south, and we would like to continue bringing Fruit Daifuku to all parts of Japan. This year we aim to open 30 stores,” Kato said. “Of course we would like to continue to increase productivity and produce delicious Daifuku fruits with our ASTRA automatic peelers!”

Astra-Peeler Innovator
Over the past 20 years, Astra has been fully dedicated to the innovation of automatic peelers. ASTRA manufactures a variety of peeling machines for various demands. Its peeler series includes a KA-700H compact tabletop peeler for small types of fruit such as oranges, citrus fruits, kiwis and apples. The KA-750 is intended for large types of fruit, such as pineapples, melons and mangoes.

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