Food Network Announces ME OR THE MENU Relationship Series

A new twist on relationship docuseries, Me or the Menu finds four couples trying to beat the odds of ending up in divorce court, while navigating the unique challenges of the cutthroat restaurant industry.

From the producers of the mega-hit 90 Day Fiancé franchise, this new Food Network series will premiere Thursday, June 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT and will also air on Discovery+.

Me or the menu highlights some of the reasons why around 60% of restaurants fail and nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce, and while some of the couples featured have just opened the doors to their new restaurants, d Others dive in headfirst in hopes of making it to opening day.

Although they are at different stages of their journey, each couple feels the pressure to make their business and their relationship a success, but balancing a stressful restaurant startup and the needs of another may prove to be the test. ultimate. These couples know that if they want to keep their restaurant dreams alive, it won’t be easy, but they hope it will be worth it.

“Me or the Menu gives audiences an intimate look into the lives of four restaurant couples who pursue their dream of owning a restaurant, but the stress it creates is like a PRESSURE COOKER as they work through the obstacles, conflicts and difficult decisions that affect their businesses and relationships,” said Jane Latman, president, Home & Food Content and Streaming, Warner Bros. Discovery.

The Me or Menu pairs include:

Kathleen Murray and Nate Albert (Lombard, IL)
Kathleen is the owner of Saucy Kat Food Truck and has the ambitious goal of turning her food truck into a restaurant. She needs the help and support of her young fiancé Nate, which often leads her to treat him like an employee rather than a partner. It all hinges on their success serving lunch at a big food truck event, but Nate’s mistakes cost them hundreds of dollars and his attitude creates a huge wedge in their relationship. Nate’s lack of motivation causes Kathleen to doubt his commitment to her, and he must earn back Kathleen’s trust by proving that he is just as committed to a business partner as he is to a romantic partner.

Randi Lee and Jeanette Zinno (Brooklyn, NY)
Working long hours puts pressure on Randi, an industry veteran and first-time restaurant owner, and his fiancée, Jeanette. They put their wedding plans on hold until Randi could repay his restaurant investors. Jeanette has invested thousands of dollars in the business and put her own career on hold to help out. She fills the role of hostess, washes the dishes and does whatever is necessary in the restaurant so that Randi doesn’t have to pay another full-time staff member. Now Jeanette is finally ready to retire from the restaurant, but Randi wonders if he can really run the restaurant without her.

James Martin and Jessica Neal (Chicago, IL)
James is a rising culinary star and his wife Jessica fights over finances at home and in the restaurant. James doesn’t bring home a salary and Jessica feels the pressure of being the sole breadwinner working two jobs. But despite being overworked, Jessica refuses to give up control of her restaurant responsibilities to pay extra money for help. Will the financial pressure be too strong on their relationship?

Nicole Baldwin and Alan Yuhanna (Houston, Texas)
Nicole, a self-taught cook with big dreams of opening a vegan restaurant, needs the help and support of her boyfriend, Alan. None of them have experience in the restaurant business, so they start FROM ZERO to learn the ropes. The pair clash over power dynamics as they have to come up with a menu and find a location they can afford. Things take a turn when Nicole loses her temper when they organize a pop-up to test their concept with clients and investors.

Me or the Menu is produced by Sharp Entertainment for Food Network and discovery+.

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