Food Insecure Families Find Relief with GlobalMedic

Throughout the pandemic, 1 in 8 Ontarians have experienced food insecurity. With the dramatic increase in the cost of living, this statistic is likely to grow.

The unemployment rate in the province hovers around 6.2%. Although this is down from the 2020 peak, it continues to stress families in need.

Poverty forces families to make tough decisions when it comes to shopping, cutting back on variety and fresh foods. This is where GlobalMedic comes in to help.

GlobalMedic recently opened a new location in Oakville to package and distribute staple foods from our national food program, McAntony’s Menu.

Since launching McAntony’s Menu in February 2020, GlobalMedic has delivered nearly 1.9 million pounds of food to food banks and other organizations across Canada.

Through this program, our volunteers repackage large 50lb bags of nutritious food staples into ready-to-eat 500g bags and then deliver them to local agencies serving vulnerable clients.

Staples include rice, pearl barley, green lentils, red lentils, chickpeas, and green peas.

Bulk purchasing and the use of volunteers enables GlobalMedic to provide 500g bags of food to families for a third to a quarter of the retail price.

In addition to addressing food insecurity in the Greater Toronto Area, our Oakville operations also create employment opportunities by hiring local youth to oversee packaging and distribution.

Five Canada Summer Jobs Grant recipients work at this site to produce staple foods distributed through local food banks and other organizations serving vulnerable members of our community.

About GlobalMedic

GlobalMedic is a registered Canadian charity that runs capacity building programs and provides large-scale disaster relief services around the world.

GlobalMedic has responded to 241 disasters in 80 countries, including earthquakes in Ecuador, Haiti, Japan and Nepal; tsunamis in Japan and Sri Lanka; typhoons in the Philippines and Taiwan; hurricanes in Grenada and Guatemala; cyclones in India, Myanmar, Vanuatu and Mozambique; floods in Bangladesh, Mexico and Pakistan; drought and famine in Kenya and Mauritania; epidemics in Liberia and Sierra Leone; and complex emergencies in Gaza, Iraq, Mali, Somalia, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen.

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