Food Choices: Xian Ji Porridge Moves to New Location, Canchita Offers New Vegetarian Menu

You’ll smell a whiff of dried flatfish before biting into the savory ground pork rolled into balls in porridge. The sweetness of the fresh pork is evident beneath the savory seasoning.

The prices might seem a bit high for porridge in a cafe, but you get good value for money as the married couple uses fresh ingredients and the porridge is cooked using prepared meat bone broth from fresh trotter bones, ikan bilis and soy. beans every morning.

Flatfish costs about $30 per kg and Madame Cheah fried it, instead of using powdered flatfish ready to use.

Once a week, she peels and slices shallots to prepare shallot oil to marinate her rice grains – a secret to her delicious porridge.

From Tuesday to Sunday, the couple wake up at 2:30 a.m. to buy a fresh giant snakehead at the Chinatown Complex wet market, before heading to Tiong Bahru market to buy fresh vegetables and pork.

Madame Cheah is so fond of using the freshest possible ingredients that she selects everything by hand – from the pieces of pork neck, which she watches the butcher grind into ground meat, to the selection of individual stalks of onion of spring.

She uses Hong Kong watercress, which is less fibrous.

Sliced ​​fish porridge with extra watercress is $7. Fresh slices of giant snakehead are not pickled, but they have no fishy smell. Each slice is tender with a slightly bouncy texture.

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