Fong-Ding Food International Produces Tapioca Balls with Innovative Natural Ingredients to Meet Global Bubble Tea Demands

NANTOU, Taiwan, September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —Taiwan based at Fong Ding Enterprise, introduces its innovative chewing boba, made from natural and local raw materials to ensure food safety and quality, preparing to meet the growing demand for bubble tea globally.

The bubble tea trend is continuously on the rise across the world and although the trend started in Asia, the delicious drink is now enjoyed around the world. The natural ingredients in bubble tea are crucial for some of the most popular brands, with Fong Ding prides itself on being the customer-focused brand that always satisfies customers with high quality bubble tea products.

Innovative yet traditional ingredients

In 2019, the bubble tea market value was estimated at USD $2.4 billionand by 2027 they predict it will be worth USD $4.3 billion, according to World Tea News. Fong-Ding Food International helps meet these demands with high-quality, innovative, customer-centric natural bubble tea ingredients.

At Fong Ding Bubble tea ingredients are crafted using traditional methods, emphasizing the use of intricate and comprehensive construction techniques that produce a high-quality boba that cooks quickly and can stay fresh and fluffy even after being left out for a while. 7 to 8 hours. The shape of the boba is produced according to the concept of handmade boba, imitating the shape of the handmade boba, as if everything was rolled by hand and not from machines.

This makes each mother-of-pearl ball a black diamond that retains its originality to please the discerning taste buds of customers. They are also made with natural ingredients without food coloring. In place, Fong Ding uses natural essences of fruits, flowers and honey in their flavored boba.

Long shelf life for maximum quality

Fong Ding products are made in a dust-free room and shipped in vacuum packaging with the use of cryopreservation to help extend product storage time so it can last longer on the shelf. Fong Ding also offers original design manufacturers (ODM) and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in addition to pure product manufacturing.

The company offers four main types of boba to its customers:

  • Fruit – Consists of flavors drawn from blackberry, passion fruit, pineapple, lychee and peach.
  • Flowers – The light and sweet flavors of Jasmine, Calendula, Roselle and Papillon – Rose flavor are the most popular flavors as they have real rose petals in the mix.
  • Tea – Earl Grayspring, Japanese and guanyin flavors.
  • Flavor — Fong Ding also offers classic flavors such as honey, white caramel, maple sugar, brown sugar, sweet potato and bai yu. Taro potato dumplings are the highlight of classic flavors among customers.

Fong Ding strives to produce bubble tea without any artificial essence, which has earned them many certifications from renowned organizations such as IAF World Certification Association, ISO22000 International Certification, HACCP Safety and Hygiene Certification food, SGS inspection and FDA

Currently, the company is striving to provide customized flavors and exclusive products according to customers’ demands, and hope to cooperate with global companies around the world in the near future.

To learn more, visit At Fong Ding official website and, or follow the company on Facebook to follow the latest developments.

About Fong Ding

Fong Ding was created in 2022 at Taiwan. They believe in staying innovative, delivering high quality products with a “customer first” approach. The company regards these methods as its core philosophies.

Fong-Ding provides services such as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM). They customize everything from colors, tastes and visual effects.

Its mission is to put customers first, provide instant service and respond to marketing logic.

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