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December 2, 2021


Windows 11 is about two months old. One of its features, the Start menu, has undergone a major overhaul compared to the Windows 10 version.

The new user interface has mixed pros and cons, but it was revealed that Microsoft is considering making it user-customizable.

One of the biggest complaints from current Windows 11 users about the Start menu is the lack of layout flexibility. In other words, it’s fixed at 3 lines of “Pinned apps” and 3 lines of “Recommended (recently used files and apps)”, and you cannot choose any other layout.

However, with the latest version of Windows 11 Insider (22509) distributed on the Dev Channel, you can now choose from three settings: default settings, more pinned apps, more recommendations, and more.


However, among Insiders who are testing new features in Windows, the Dev Channel is distributing early stage builds. In other words, the official release takes a long time and the same specs are not always included in the official release.

At the same time, “Date and clock display on sub display”, which was removed in Windows 11 for some reason, was returned to the taskbar.

However, according to MS, these reflections will not be immediately visible to all Insider users and will be rolled out.

In addition, in the latest version of Insider build, the Windows 11 built-in “Narrator” screen reader app and Edge browser are easier to use at the same time, and part of the control panel at the same time. old is integrated into the “” Settings “and it is more manageable. This includes” Advanced sharing “settings such as” Network discovery “and” File / printer sharing “.

In addition, 3 priority notifications for calls, reminders and alarms are stacked and displayed along with the normal priority notifications (i.e. up to 4 are displayed).

These changes are also a result of reflecting the opinions and complaints of users participating in the Insider program. As of now, plans to integrate postpaid services into the Edge browser There has been a lot of criticism about this, but I would love to keep an eye on that answer.

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