EAT: Beijing Duck and Bubbly, Hot Pot at Superfly, Winter Menu at Daruma


EAT: Your little guide to the best food to taste in Beijing this week.

Hot pot back on the menu at Superfly

Superfly at the Opposite House put the hot pot back on its menu just in time for the cold weather. There are three fondue bases to choose from: mala (it’s a Sichuan restaurant, after all), Yunnan mushroom with Pu’er tea, and, new this year, lamb stew cooked with special herbs and spices. .

Buy a set of fondues for two for 288 RMB (including your choice of fondue base, two types of meat, and four types of veg, tofu, or noodles) through their WeChat store (check out the link in this post) and get two free glasses of champagne.

Daruma winter menu

The izakaya Daruma trend is also giving its menu a wintery makeover, adding a selection of new comfort foods. Try it Sukiyaki sumo hot pot, consisting of chicken, pork and tofu meatballs in a rich broth, a favorite of sumo wrestlers when they gain weight before a fight, or sip a bowl of ramen with a broth of slow cooked chicken bones. We have our eye on the tongue of beef kushikatsu, with beef tongue cooked until tender, then coated in panko breadcrumbs and fried until golden brown. They also have six new sakes, four new white wines and four new red wines to accompany your meal.

Peking Duck and Bubbles at Intercontinental Sanlitun

What could be better than the Peking Duck? Peking duck with a bottle of champagne on the side. Every Thursday evening, head to Ying Chinese at Intercontinental Sanlitun to enjoy a whole roasted Peking Duck with a bottle of chilled sparkling wine for just 288 RMB. Perfect for a midweek treat.

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