Dubai’s Joel Robuchon Workshop Introduces New Limited Edition Japanese Menu

Joel Robuchon’s Atelier, located in the Gate Village of the Dubai International Financial Center, has announced an all-new Japanese menu, in addition to his signature French dishes.

The special menu is one of the last projects Joel Robuchon worked on with his protégé and partner Axel Manes, before Robuchon’s death in 2018.

The new card will be available exclusively for a limited time at L’atelier de Robuchon in Dubai under the direction of Manes himself. It’s an ode to the award-winning Robuchon, honoring his love of Japan with items that include flavors he created.

The new sushi menu includes a selection of delicately prepared Japanese dishes. You will find “Crispy Rice” also known as crispy rice topped with black truffle wagyu or red tuna caviar, a variety of the freshest sashimi, signature Nigiri such as Hokkaido Japanese scallop scallop, signature maki rolls with a Robuchon touch like red tuna maguro with foie gras, a variety of Hosomaki options and Robata kebabs.

The new menu is also vegetarian with royal oyster mushrooms or avocado nigiri, the Exotic maki roll which consists of a mixture of vegetables accompanied by a spicy sauce and crispy quinoa, as well as the vegetarian skewers. with a selection of King oyster mushrooms, green zucchini and Japanese green peppers also known as shishito.

In addition to the a la carte menu, customers can also opt for ‘Sélection Du Chef’ – the premium chef’s selection platter which consists of nine pieces of sashimi, six pieces of nigiri and 12 pieces of maki for 762 Dhs.

In 1979, Robuchon reportedly visited Japan for the first time and developed a fascination with the country. He applied the culinary culture of Japan, including the presentation style and the importance of seasonal cuisine to his own dishes upon his return to France.

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