Discover a part of Japanese culture with origami earrings

This winter, I had the opportunity to try on some of the prettiest earrings currently on sale at Grape Shop. I received four mini boxes, each including a pair of colorful earrings in a different design, two for pierced ears, and two hinged clip earrings.

Photo: cinnamonellia

I have pierced ears, but have always wanted to try hinged clip earrings; therefore, I’m glad I had the chance to do so.


Photo: cinnamonellia

The earrings I tried on are available in four different designs:

  1. Crane earrings (for pierced ears)
  2. Glass Dome Goldfish Earrings (for pierced ears)
  3. Shuriken earrings (clip type)
  4. Goldfish earrings (clip type)

What is origami?


Photo: cinnamonellia

Origami (折り紙) comes from the verb “to bend” (折る oh) and paper (紙 kami) and refers to the traditional art of Japanese paper folding. It represents a large part of Japanese culture and the practice of this craft dates back to the Edo period.

Many of you are probably familiar with the crane origami or the paper lotus flower, as these are probably some of the classic designs that everyone starts with at the beginning.


Photo: cinnamonellia

Since this craft is an integral part of Japanese culture, origami creators have started making original jewelry using this unique art of paper folding. The designers have allowed us to integrate this beautiful part of Japan into our daily outfits and bring a little color and tradition to our daily lives.

After trying on the earrings, I thought each would look incredibly cute with a kimono or yukata in the summer. All of them had undertones of red in their color scheme, and it makes it easy to incorporate them into your outfits regardless of the season.

The beautiful and vibrant colors would be perfect in the spring when everything comes to life, but also in the summer due to the summery designs that work well for yukata and Japanese festivals.

Autumn is also known for beautiful maple leaves in Japan and crimson fall foliage; therefore, it perfectly matches the color of the earrings.


Photo: cinnamonellia

In winter, glass dome earrings are extremely cute with a red scarf or a white outfit – a kimono would also make a perfect choice!

When I tried on the earrings and walked around town while wearing them, my mood instantly improved and I remember smiling all day. I also took some great pictures and had a lot of fun choosing suitable outfits.

I got them during the cold season, so I wanted to try a traditional photo shoot and pair them with a kimono.

Unfortunately, I don’t have one (yet!), so we’ll have to wait until next time. However, I am looking forward to yukata season!

In my opinion, origami jewelry continues the tradition and allows as many people as possible to discover Japanese culture and its beautiful handicrafts.

It’s a must if you’re a fan of Japan and adorable accessories!

In total, there are six varieties of earrings made by ORIGAMIART and now available at Grape Shop.

Crane (for pierced and clip-on ears), 1,500 yen plus tax

Shuriken (for pierced and clip-on ears), 1,500 yen plus tax

Goldfish (for pierced ears and clip-on), 1,500 yen plus tax

Crane and Mizuhiki (for pierced ears and clip), 2,200 yen plus tax

Glass Dome Goldfish (for pierced and clip-on ears), 2,000 yen plus tax

Glass Dome Crane (for pierced and clip-on ears), 2,000 yen plus tax

Discover origami earrings and clips at raisin SHOP.

(We use WorldShopping Global. The Grape SHOP page is in Japanese, but if you see the WorldShopping widget appearing at the bottom of the page, this product can be shipped internationally).

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