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A restaurant in Yunlin County has introduced a new dish by fusing a distinctive local street food – a whole, skinless, fried frog – with Japanese-style curry rice.

Curry is thought to have made its way from India to Japan via British naval officers as early as the 1860s and had become a staple of the Japanese diet by the 1870s. Like many food imports since the Japan has opened its doors to the outside world, the Japanese have not only adopted, but adapted the dish and truly made it their own.

The 50 years that Japan ruled Taiwan from 1895 to 1945 also left a distinctive mark on Taiwanese culture, including Taiwanese cuisine. Today, Japanese restaurants of various styles are just as ubiquitous as those from various regions of China introduced after 1945. Each neighborhood has a variety of ramen, shabu-shabu, sushi, tonkatsu, teppanyaki, and Japanese curry restaurants. Convenience stores serve oden and other popular Japanese snacks, while no Taiwanese night market would be complete without a takoyaki stand.

Kanazawa curry is a traditional Japanese dish consisting of a thick, dark-colored curry sauce served over rice, served with shredded cabbage, a boiled egg, and usually accompanied by meat such as pork, beef , fried chicken or fish.

However, a restaurant in Beigang Township, Yunlin County, introduced an eye-catching new variation with a deep-fried whole frog as its meat.

After posting photos of the dish on social media, he immediately garnered attention, and above all praise, for creating a quintessentially local take on the traditional Japanese adaptation of an original Indian invention. “It’s very ‘Beigang’, you can only get that in Beigang,” one comment read.

Of course, if one isn’t game enough to eat the “chicken paddy” as it’s called frog in Taiwan, the store also serves the more traditional pork, chicken, and fish dishes.

Restaurant: 博愛壱壱円. 110 Bo’ai Road Beigang Township, Yunlin County.

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