Culinary artist specializing in ‘Onigiri Art’ publishes book filled with fan favorites


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Don’t play with your food ” is a phrase that many of us in the West grew up with. But in Japan, organizing edibles by color and shape meets a more forgiving eye, and many have even started to develop it into an art form and become masters of their craft. One of those people is onigiri gekijō (@onigirigekijo) who in recent years has mastered the art of “onigiri carving” and has become a recognized artist on many SNS channels.

The artist specializes in making rice balls in three-dimensional designs, often taking the form of animals or popular anime characters, like this particular design resembling Inosuke Hashibira from Kimetsu No Yaiba

It all started in 2019 when the onigiri gekijō entered a rice ball competition, posting their creations on Instagram. At the time, the artist said that the evaluation of their work was low and that their son – a high school student – gave little thought to the art of rice dumplings. But with repeated practice, onigiri gekijō was able to master the art form, and the overtime gained the appreciation of fans and their son.

Today, the artist works freelance and strives to create unique onigiri works of art every day, with his son acting as a tasting judge and art critic.

Of course, onigiri gekijō’s creations do not go unnoticed, the artist’s Instagram page with over 17,000 subscribers and his YouTube account with over 6,000 subscribers. In fact, the rice ball sculptures have become such a hit on SNS that the artist recently published a book featuring over 140 of their most popular creations.

Read the rest of the article and learn more about these adorable rice ball creations by visiting the website of our partner, Grape Japan at “Food Artist Specializing in ‘Onigiri Art’ Publishes Book Filled with Favorite fans ”.

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