Crafty Ramen launches barbecue-inspired summer menu at home

Expanding the Crafty home cooking experience, the new seasonal DIY range makes summer gatherings easier than ever. Ready to eat in 15 minutes or less, customers can choose from a variety of Asian-inspired meats and vegan items, including four types of skewers, pockets of pork or savory BBQ tofu wrapped in aburaage (pouches fried tofu) and ramen bowls without broth (think cold noodle salad). Also new this summer are locally sourced, Japanese-inspired sausages made exclusively for Crafty Ramen by a local chef-owned company, Trotters Butcher Shop. Each new menu item can be included in a Cunning subscription boxor redeemed for any item in an existing subscription.

Get Crafty this summer. Limited-time at-home menu items include:

on the grill

  • Oh So Sesame Chicken Skewers, Six Per Pack
  • Chashu BBQ pork skewers, six per pack
  • BBQ Pocket Pork, eight per package
  • BBQ Pocket Tofu (vegan), eight per pack
  • Shiitake Skewers with Scallions and Ginger (vegan), eight per package
  • Go to Gochujang Tofu Skewers (vegan), eight per pack
  • Trotters Japanese-inspired sausages in three flavors: salty cheddar and kimchi (homemade by Crafty), fresh ginger and shallot, and spicy togarashi

In the bowl

  • My cold Seoul no broth ramen kit; tangy and refreshing with meat or vegan options available, with thick noodles, gochujang dressing and Crafty’s own kimchi
  • Mazemen Quest Brothless Ramen Kit; a bowl fully loaded with meat or vegan options, this “choose your own adventure” kit comes with three dressings to explore (tangy and fresh, rich and creamy, spicy and sweet)

“At Crafty, we’re always looking for creative ways to think outside of the bowl, and we had a lot of fun doing just that with our new summer menu,” said Jared Ferral, co-founder and executive chef of Crafty Ramen. “These dishes are about making the most of the warm weather and spending time together. They connect customers to our unique flavors, the Crafty experience, our community and each other.”

About Crafty Ramen

Crafty Ramen is ramen reinvented. An omnichannel brand with restaurants in Guelph and KitchenerCrafty Ramen has been serving delicious Japanese-inspired dishes to the community since opening in 2017. Ontario-wide and available at over 100 outlets, Crafty Ramen’s DIY ramen kits, subscriptions, and line of unique pantry items provide a simple, creative, and at-home cooking experience. Find restaurants and explore the world of ramen, shipped to you, on

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Info: Crafty Ramen, [email protected](647) 627-6164

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