Citi Field’s 2022 menu: New food options you need to try


OK, round seven stretch time. In total now:

Take me to the ball game

For hot dogs dressed in fondue,

Lobster tostadas, enriched lemonades,

Rice Balls and Tater Tots as big as pomegranates.

Why not buff’lo mac, vegan nachos?

Popcorn and peanuts suck!

Pizza cupcakes, ponzu salmon

It’s a new ball game.

If you haven’t been to Citi Field in a while, and even if you have…well, Jason Eksterowicz will explain it to you.

“When we go inside and you sample some of our offerings today, you’re going to see a pretty good mix,” he said in front of navy curtains on a recent blustery Thursday morning. The Aramark CEO looked a little nervous, which is understandable, since Eksterowicz was the only thing separating more than 100 reporters from a free lunch, which even sportspeople know is a dangerous place.

The occasion was the unveiling of New York Mets dealer concerns in 2022 ahead of the team’s home opener on Friday. Behind the curtains, two dozen food stations eagerly awaited the cheering crowd. As the intro unfolded and the crowd advanced menacingly, Eksterowicz, in Black Friday fashion, presiding over the stadium’s 500-person culinary staff, opted for a quick conclusion. “There’s plenty of food, so I hope you’re hungry,” he mumbled as he pulled away.

It was a spectacular array of edibles like no one had ever seen, or so it seemed, a scene that produced a lot of racing in the room, as if a million “Supermarket Sweep” participants had suddenly stumbled upon Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Getting an exclusive first look at Citi Field’s new giant high-definition Samsung screens was cool, as was seeing dwarf bobble Francisco Lindor (giveaway date: April 30), but it was the defining moment of the day, and everyone was determined. not to leave disappointed.

One end of the room was dominated by colorful displays of sashimi and nigiri from Daruma (sushi? at Citi Field?), the other by a guy from Pat LaFrieda’s Chop House cut a tomahawk steak into strips. Meanwhile, a woman dressed as a cupcake pizza danced around Mr. and Mrs. Met, who rarely interacted the way couples about to go to therapy.

“We are so excited to be here at Citi Field and serving macaroni and cheese all season long,” said a woman from Murray’s Mac and Cheese in Manhattan, a new concession in the Jim Beam Highball Club on the Promenade level. “It’s our buffalo mac and cheese, and then we have our classic mac and cheese,” she continued, showing samples. Elsewhere, a bunch of cheeseburgers from Shake Shack stared across the room at a stack of fried chicken sandos from David Chang’s Fukubuffalo fried chicken sandwiches sweet chickfried chicken fillets Amazing Chicken Co.and fried chicken fillets First kosher sports. I found myself wanting to raise chickens as a reparation, the same way people who print a lot of copies often swear to plant a tree.

The best chicken sandwich was from another Citi Field newcomer, Manhattan’s cult favorite Jacob’s pickles. The meat was juicy and served on an even better biscuit – fluffy, light as a feather, totally impractical. What are those long fried things? I asked. Oh yes, pickles.

Jacob’s Pickles Fried Chicken Cookie Sandwich at Citi Field in Queens.
Credit: Yvonne Albinowski

“Most people do the pickle chip, whereas it’s the full spear,” Jacob’s man said, “so you get a lot of the saltiness and texture from the pickle itself, and the crunch.” I found them scary and tasty, especially with a side of spicy mayonnaise.

Faced with a serious pig dilemma – which one to try, Whole pork BBQ or Pork beach barbecue?–I opted for the latter, as it is also debuting at Citi Field. The founders of the expanding Brooklyn-based chain met in 2014 at a barbecue contest in Memphis, popularly known as the Super Bowl of Swine, and we had a blast with their sidewinder fries topped with pulled pork. and a fine vinegar sauce.

Elsewhere, I’ve found that pizza cupcakes taste better than they look, and while some like their jumbo pretzels with marinara sauce, others prefer cinnamon sugar, and some oddballs actually mix the two. I also enjoyed a cup containing a meatball covered in Queens truffle cream Cento Percento, though he immediately regretted washing it down with a Triple Play Shake Shack, a fusion of three types of cookies, two types of custard, and a generous spray of sprinkles. “So much for the peanuts and cracker jacks, right?” said a woman, noticing my distress and thinking of me as one of those old people who run away from my lawn.

I informed her that I had recently eaten a box of Cracker Jack for the first time since who-knows-when, even though I knew exactly when — 2016, the year they stopped pricing the interior (no, a QR code to download a baseball video game is not the same). Having decided that a world without water transfer tattoos, mini joke books, and secret decoder rings is a seriously impoverished world, I’ve boycotted them ever since. Laugh if you will, but when America faces a shortage of encryption experts in the coming years, don’t be surprised.

Either way, they tasted worse than I remembered, I told him, even by the lax standards of caramel corn. Like packing whipped peanuts with pancake syrup. Whatever the culinary excesses of the current era, I wouldn’t go back there for anything in the world.

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