Children of Old Vicarage in Barrow learn about Far Eastern culture

The children of NURSERY immersed themselves in the culture of the Far East before the Chinese New Year.

In January, the Old Vicarage nursery again welcomed all the children after Christmas with a lot of fun and creativity.

Old Vicarage professors have launched their 2022 program and the Duckling class will this year study nature and beauty from around the world as part of their program on “Culture Capital” and “Understanding the World”, which are part of the EYFS .

Before the Chinese New Year, Duckling class teacher Miss Laura Burrows taught her two-year-old students about the famous cherry blossoms which are sacred in China and Japan.

Trees with pink and white flowers were originally cultivated in the Himalayas of China and are still worshiped there today. Cherry blossoms are now almost synonymous with the beauty of Japan.

Miss Burrows said the children had “a lot of fun” participating in the Chinese New Year activity.

She said, “We will be studying Chinese New Year – the year of the tiger, in a few weeks, so I thought it would be interesting for the class to do some creative activities to support them in our program.

“The kids had so much fun during the activity, as they always do when we paint! ”

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