Chewing food may help prevent weight gain: study

Eating slowly and chewing properly helps control weight gain and obesity.

The study was conducted by researchers from Waseda University in Japan.

A team of researchers in Japan has discovered that there is a profound connection between chewing food and diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT). In this study by the researchers from Waseda University, it was stated that the body remains healthy when the food is chewed properly. Also, eating slowly and chewing properly helps control weight gain and obesity.

The results of this study, conducted under the supervision of Dr. Yuka Hamada and Professor Naoyuki Hayashi of Waseda University, have been published in the Scientific Reports Journal. Generally, it has been observed that chewing helps in consuming energy related to metabolism and also increases bowel activity. Heat in the body increases after eating foods known as diet-induced thermogenesis.

DIT is a factor known to prevent weight gain that consumes energy above the baseline level of fasting. Prior to this, Dr. Hamada and Prof. Hayashi’s team discovered that eating slowly and chewing properly not only helps with DIT, but also increases blood circulation in the intestinal region.

Professor Hayashi said they were in a state of uncertainty that there is an increase in DIT from the amount of food entering the digestive system after eating slowly. She added that the team will have to look into other aspects. Chewing can actually help control obesity. According to this study, eating slowly and chewing properly maintains weight.

“While the difference in energy expenditure per meal is small, the cumulative effect garnered over multiple meals, supported daily and 365 days a year, is substantial,” she added.

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