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WATCH: Chef Tatung Sarthou shares new egg recipes you must try

Tired of sunny scrambled eggs?

Life is full of times when one has to face dreaded questions. There’s the “when are you getting married?” tita question, the question “how much salary do you expect?” during a job interview, and “when to let go?” when relationships are no longer in cloud nine. All of these questions and more are difficult to answer, yet we cannot avoid them. But if there’s one that people are quick to answer, it’s the question “can you cook?” The answer can only go two ways. First, they’ll just drop in a few dishes they’ve mastered over the years. The other, they’ll just say they can cook an egg, which is code for “I can’t cook”.

Chef Tatung (pictured on his “Simpol The Cookbook” cover) and his Eggy Mapu eggplant dish

Well, if you also have to answer the egg, life and meals can be pretty boring with your harsh, scrambling, and sunny cycle. Luckily, celebrity chef Myke “Tatung” Sarthou has shared simple and easy egg recipes from his Simpol kitchen that you can try at home. Take the challenge and make 2022 the year you can say “I can cook an egg like no other”.

Eggy Mapu Eggplant

Anyone who finds comfort in tortang greenhouse will definitely love Chef Tatung’s Mapu (or Mapo) eggplant dish. Spicy and full of flavor, the Japanese dish gets an egg inclusion giving it richness, perfectly served with a bowl of steamed rice.

Simpol Pinoy Shakshouka

Chef Tatung brings Northwest Africa to the kitchen with his take on the Maghreb dish Shakshouka. Along with the poached eggs, he adds sardines to the mix, making it loaded with protein. Enjoy it with pita bread on the side or warm pandesal.

Simpol Fried Egg

Raised in the sun without the fuss, that’s what his Simpol sautéed egg dish is all about. Onions, tomatoes and peppers add flavor and color to the humble fried eggs and the sauce made with ketchup, oyster sauce and brown sugar that takes the dish to another level.

These egg recipes are sure to make your kitchen hard to eat (pun intended)!



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