Chef Mashama Bailey Is Behind Delta Air Line’s New Southern-Inspired Menu

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If you’re someone who flies out of Atlanta often and prefers to book your air travel through Delta Air Lines, you’ll be pleased to hear that they’ve rolled out a new in-flight menu designed by a black woman. With talk of short ribs and sweet potatoes on this menu, it’s not the usual uninspired food people find on flights.

Delta partners with the chef Mashama Bailey. She is very accomplished as an executive chef and co-founder of the Grey restaurant in Savannah, Georgia, and she received the 2022 James Beard Foundation Award for “Outstanding Chef.”

This Black Woman Chef Is Behind Delta Air Line's New Southern-Inspired Inflight Menu

She helps elevate the onboard dining experience for Delta travelers by designing Southern-inspired gourmet dishes using local produce. The menu includes savory meals like a dish of plaice and oysters with fume blac, green apple, potato, bock choy and turnips. There’s also short ribs with kanni sauce and smoked green cabbage (yum!), a vegan vegetable tagine with roasted sweet potato covered in a chermoula sauce, buttermilk cornmeal tres leches with kumquats and tangerines, and Moreover.

Simply put, it’s good food!

If you like what you taste at 30,000 feet and want to learn more about Bailey’s cooking techniques, she’s featured on Delta Studio as part of the airline’s partnership with MasterClass. Travelers can watch her teach a 10-lesson course on the tricks of cooking Southern food, the history behind it, and the methods that bring it to tables across the country while preserving traditions.

This Black Woman Chef Is Behind Delta Air Line's New Southern-Inspired Inflight Menu

Chef Bailey is the latest food designer from a popular restaurant to bring new flavors to Delta’s award-winning onboard dining experience, joining Chefs Danny Meyer, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. Delta couldn’t be more excited for what she’s up to.

“Delta’s roots in the rich Georgian culture are an integral part of our own history, so partnering with The Gray team proved to be the right fit from the start,” said Kristen Manion Taylor, SVP – In -Flight Service in a statement. “The innovative Southern dining experience that Chef Bailey has thrust into the spotlight is something our culinary teams have admired for some time, and we know our guests will be wowed by the menu she will offer on board.”

So the next time you leave A-Town, know that you won’t have to wait to get to your destination to eat well.

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